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Walt Disney World Trip 2016 Day 4: Magic Kingdom and Be Our Guest

Read about Day 3 HERE . You know you want some more music while you read this article, so click here to listen to the fantastic music from the parade we watched in the afternoon! Our early morning was a little more relaxing, because we weren't invested in getting to the parks by rope drop. Instead, we had our only Disney breakfast on this morning! I drove Mom and Dad to the front of Art of Animation, and we ate inside its food court, called Landscape of Flavors. While most people wanted Mickey waffles and chocolate chip pancakes (that was the longest line), Mom and I didn't have to wait at all for our omelettes! We both did make-your-own omelettes, and they were put together right in front of you. And they're HUGE! When we finished, a double-sized bus was just pulling up, and we loaded ourselves on in no time. The park had opened by the time we arrived, but that was okay. I got through the bag check and we were on our way. The same scenario from Day 2 continued

Walt Disney World Trip 2016 Day 3: Animal Kingdom

Read about Day 2 HERE! You can find your atmospheric music here to better enjoy your reading experience! I had never done rope drop at Animal Kingdom until my trip a few weeks ago. Actually, I've barely been to Animal Kingdom at all. In 2000, it was our final day, and we pooped out around 2pm because it was way too hot. In 2010 my friend Michelle and I did all the things we wanted to do in the evening hours on our arrival day. And in 2014 I accidentally arrived on an Extra Magic Hours day...and I wasn't a resort guest and couldn't enjoy it! My goal was to get as much out of the day as we could, and avoid the pitfalls of the Animal Kingdom; i.e. the heat and the long walks. They opened up the Oasis area which leads to the Tree of Life about 15 minutes before the park opened. If you really wanted to explore, you could. However, most of the people were taking their places at the Hub area in front of the Tree of Life. One branch moved to the left and took people to K

Walt Disney World Trip 2016 Day 2: Magic Kingdom

Read about Day 1 HERE ! Day 2 was no less exciting, because we would be going to one of my favorite Disney parks: the Magic Kingdom! Need some audio to get you in the Magic Kingdom mood? Click here! Even though we had determined that taking our rental car was the fastest (and least tiring) way to get from our resort to the parks, the Magic Kingdom park is a bit different. They have people park at the Ticket and Transportation Center, take a tram to either a monorail or ferry boat, and use that  to get to the park entrance. So actually, the fastest mode of transportation is the bus. We walked to the front, and my parents were now wearing their Anniversary buttons that I'd gotten for them the day before. Before the "permanent" marker wore off, it proudly displayed that they'd been married for 37 years. (Or they will be, in July.) My dad was also wearing his new hat, which looked very smart. The bus wait didn't take long, and we were making our way into