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The Olympic Blurb 2016: Promote the Positivity

In eight days, our television sets will all be tuned into NBC to view the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony. There will be pomp and circumstance, there will be dancing, and there will be way too much commentary so that we Americans (who apparently can't understand other cultures and countries?) can understand what's going on. Of course, if you have kept your ear to the ground, you've heard how the Rio Olympics are a mess, the facilities are not ready, and athletes are already being suspended for doping. This is going to be the worst thing ever. But I have been hearing other rumblings, as well. Something I have been hoping to hear for many, many Olympics. It's backlash of the Olympics backlash! My sentiment throughout my 20 years (20 years?!) of Olympics viewing and eventual obsessing has been this: people will spend the 2-6 months before the Games begin complaining about everything  concerning the Olympics. And I mean everything! Facilities, food, volunteers, ath

Universal Orlando Trip: June 2016

View Day 6 of our Disney vacation HERE ! And you need to enjoy some Harry Potter music for this post, so enjoy this spectacular compilation of music from all eight films! (There's a dialogue/effects/music version, too - just check the comments section under the video for the link.) Our final park day dawned cloudy, gloomy, and rainy. It had rained all night and didn't look like it was letting up. Fortunately we had parked under a structure so didn't have to get our luggage too wet. We left the car there and walked out to the shuttle buses that take people from Cabana Bay to the Universal CityWalk, which bridges the two parks. You need to go through CityWalk to get to Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure. There were a ton  of people waiting, but after a few minutes three buses drove up and started loading up guests simultaneously. We didn't wait long after that. Our bus driver was very informative and gave a lot of helpful suggestions, even though we (Mom

Walt Disney World Trip Day 6: Hollywood Studios

View Day 5's post HERE! This park's playlist can only be one track. Listen to it here . I have to preface this day's events, because a lot of you might be second-guessing my choices, and if you get what I was thinking, it might make it a little clearer for you. Starting on Thursday (Day 2) there were rumblings that a tropical storm was forming in the Gulf of Mexico and heading towards Florida. By Friday, it looked like that forecast was going to come true on Sunday night and into Monday. Monday was our only day at Disney's Hollywood Studios. It is the smallest park of the four Disney parks, and about one-third of the park was closed back in April - including the Backlot Tour and the Animation Academy - to make way for more Star Wars content. However, it still had many great shows and attractions, including Toy Story Mania! However, if a tropical storm was coming through, that might derail our plans at the Studios since we did not have Park Hopper tickets and

Walt Disney World Trip Day 5: Yacht Club and Epcot

Read about day 4 HERE ! You need a little music for this blog - click here to get in the mood. We finished up our stay at the Art of Animation Resort this morning. Mom and Dad consolidated their luggage for the future nights from two bags to one, since each night for the rest of the trip was going to be at a different hotel. The biggest splurge of the trip was the hotel for day 5: Disney's Yacht Club. Even though check-in wasn't scheduled until the afternoon, we drove over after breakfast to see if we could just leave the car there and take advantage of the short walk to Epcot. The lady manning the parking booth at the Yacht Club was very friendly and told us where to go after we gave her our reservation information. I drove straight up next to valet parking. The valets (who were dressed like a cougar's pool boys, IMO) directed us to the lobby, where we met The Captain. White pants, a blue blazer, and a sailor's cap greeted us warmly. Since it was only 9a