The Olympic Blurb 2016: Day 16

We're going to start with the mini blurbs this time...

  • Today's roundup:
    • men's marathon
    • men's mountain biking
    • women's rhythmic gymnastics
    • women's boxing
    • men's basketball
    • men's wrestling
    • men's volleyball
  • There was a time, long long ago, when I was convinced that the only two things that took place at the Olympics on the last day were the men's basketball gold medal game and the Closing Ceremony. The reason was because NBC really only aired those two things on the last day. Now I know that there are still plenty of events happening in the morning of the last day, and I got to sample a little bit of all of them!
  • After being so careful last week with not getting spoiled with the result of the women's marathon, I was going to watch something else when the men's marathon result flashed on the screen! Shoot!
  • However, I still decided to watch the marathon because I love watching the marathon. I did notice a lot more security on the course because of the incidents that took place last week. 
  • I got to watch Claressa Shields' gold medal boxing match this afternoon, and she is an incredible boxer. She was ducking under punches and fighting hard even with her opponent's longer arms. I watched lots of boxing matches these past two weeks, and Shields was the best boxer out there. (And I wasn't the only one thinking that - the analyst on the live stream said the same thing!) And now she has two gold medals to prove it!
  • The mountain biking event was fun to watch, but the biggest enjoyment I had was the Spanish cyclists' amazing mustaches. 
  • In wrestling, coaches can challenge points. In Rio, the coaches were using dolls of the Olympic mascot Vinicius to challenge, like NFL coaches use red challenge flags. 
  • Speaking of weird things in wrestling...I just laughed through the ending of a match between Mongolian Mandakhnaran Ganzorig and Uzbekistan’s Ikhtiyor Navruzov. I was tuning in online just to see a match featuring and American, Kyle Snyder, and all of a sudden I see two shirtless guys in front of the judges and a bunch of other guys running around on the mat. I wondered, "What the heck did I miss?!" So I rewound and watched the whole ending. I can't even explain it. Just read about it or watch it and laugh with me. It's just...I can't even.
  • The Closing Ceremony was very nice, especially when I found that NBC WAS streaming the ceremony live online! The Olympic Hymn still brought me to tears, as did the extinguishing of the cauldron and Thomas Bach declaring the Games over. But I did love everything about the Tokyo welcome! It shows they are going to be very forward-looking and less traditional. It got me excited! (Who's coming with me?!)

And finally, the Rio Games are complete. There were some points during these two weeks where I was so inundated with sports that I honestly thought, "I hope these are done soon!" And almost immediately, I would tell myself, "Shut up! You have two weeks of madness, but afterwards there is absolutely nothing!"

It is two weeks of an insane amount of sports. No human would ever be able to watch it all without giving themselves a few months of non-stop viewing. 

However, that craziness gives away to so many amazing moments. We are reminded of amazing American athletes like Phelps, Ledecky, Raisman, Shields, Clement, Harrison and Eaton. We are also introduced to more amazing athletes like Biles, Centrowitz, Jorgensen, Muhammed, Fields, Maroulis, and Thrasher. (Remember her? She won the first gold of the games!)

We also get to see the amazing athletes that the world has - athletes like Bolt, Farrah, Neymar, Murray, Silva, Adams, Semenya, Wu, Lesun, and Trott. Although it was wonderful to see the US win so many medals, it also is great to see other countries excel in so many events. I am glad the US isn't dominating all the events, because then the Olympics wouldn't be fun. Certain countries just have those events where they excel, and that's a great thing! It means they can be challenged. 

We got to see some countries with their first medal ever! Fiji's first medal became gold in men's rugby sevens. Medals were also given for the first time countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Kosovo, and Puerto Rico. The talent pool is spreading out all over the world. 

After all these memories have been made and so many sports have been viewed, that emotional buildup was all released tonight in the Closing Ceremony. The Olympic theme was sung again, the flame was extinguished, and that beautiful, emotional montage of Olympic memories was played to Trevor Rabin's "Titan Spirit" from Remember the Titans, which is pretty much the most appropriate song. For me, those emotions are released in tears - it's so sad to see the Olympics go away.

It's tough for this overflow of sports to suddenly vanish. Come Monday morning I'll be waking up ready to turn on the NBC Olympic stream, and realize there's nothing on, unless they are going to live stream the destruction of the Aquatics Center or the cleanup of garbage in Olympic Park. 

Do I wish that the Olympics would go on? That maybe it would be a more stretched out, month-long event? Honestly, I don't. The Olympics are special because they only last seventeen days, and so many sports are crammed in. The four-year rotation also creates a good buildup that wouldn't exist if the Olympics took place every year. The fact that I am still sad when the Olympics are done is a good thing - it means I am excited for the next Games to come, and not sick of it.

When I was in church this morning, someone asked me what I was going to do now that the Olympics were finishing up. My answer? "Teach!" School starts up for me on Tuesday, and I am so happy that these Olympics finished up before my school year. However, I am still bringing the Olympics into my teaching a little bit this year, and even more next year, when the PyeongChang Winter Olympics take place during school. 

For now, I will shed happy tears and relive these Rio Olympics as much as possible. The Olympic Blurb 2016 is ending, but I'll still be writing once or twice a week about random things. I need to keep my writing fingers going in between Olympic Games, after all, and I hope you continue to read what I have to say.

So thanks so much for following along. The Olympic Blurb 2018 will start in 535 days - I can't wait!


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