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Pitch: A Pretty Inspiring Show

As soon as I heard about a television show during the May upfronts that was highlighting the first professional women's baseball player in the Major Leagues, I was intrigued. Am I a woman? Yes. Do I enjoy baseball? Very. Have I slowly grown in my feminist and gender equality ideals? Absolutely! The biggest question, though, wasn't if this show was going to pigeonhole this show as a "woman making it in a man's world" show, or would the characters be so one-dimensional that it would render it unwatchable. No, the biggest question I had was, "How accurate would the baseball be?" Happily, not only was the baseball action very well done, but the story was great, too. If you're not familiar with it, Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury) has come up through the minors and is making her Major League debut. She has her allies, like her agent (Ali Larter, the one actor I didn't like) the GM (Mark Consuelos) and a longtime teammate (Mo McRae), but she's m

The Beach Bum

For the last few years, I was all about the mountains. I could see the mountains from my apartment in Aurora, Colorado. I drove to the mountains to enjoy all the seasons. I skied in the mountains. I hiked in the mountains. I loved that the mountains were always cooler than the other areas of the state. And everyone knew where they were going because the mountains were always in the west! I knew I would miss the mountains dearly, but since I moved to the western side of Michigan, I've realized something: I love water more than mountains! There are many reasons for that, both historical and current. First, my maternal grandparents bought a cottage outside of Oconomowoc, Wisonsin many years ago, and my family would often travel there to meet up with my aunts, uncles, and cousins. The cottage was on a lake, and while the lake wasn't the prettiest, I really enjoyed sitting on the dock and listening to the water lap up to shore. My paternal grandparents lived in Bay City,