Super Super Bowl

I'll be honest - I am a Michigan fan, and I've been a Brady fan since he was a Michigan quarterback. He got drafted by the Patriots to be backup to Drew Bledsoe, and the only time I saw him play was preseason games.

Then Bledsoe got hurt in 2001 and Brady was thrust in the spotlight. And man, did he embrace it!

Sixteen years later, Brady has just given the Patriots their fifth Super Bowl title, and he helped them win all of them.

He was the center of a scandal called Deflategate and was made to sit out the first four games of this season. Did he deflate the balls? He'd say no. I don't know. But the balls weren't deflated today, and he made the comeback of comebacks.

When Tom Brady wins Super Bowls, I immediately feel better because it shuts Aaron Rodgers fans up. No, Packer fans, Rodgers isn't the Greatest Of All Time - Tom Brady is. He has won five Super Bowls! FIVE! And he certainly doesn't look old! Peyton Manning looked old last year. Tom Brady still does not.

I salute you, Tom Brady, as I wear your jersey that I dug out of my closet. Every year I start following the Pats in the playoffs, and every so often they pull through, solidifying my passive fandom.

I may be a Lions fan, but it's nice to have another team I like win every once in a while, just to keep my interest in the NFL. Keep it up!


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