New Year's Resolution Update

Back on January 1, I told you about my New Year's resolution. I made it my goal to write something every day of the year.

Typically, New Year's resolutions die out near the end of February for many people. They go gung-ho in the first month, but then it becomes too difficult to continue as the days and weeks wear on.

But here I am, still writing.

I'm not saying it's been easy. There have been a few times where I have been ready to go to bed and I think, "Shoot! I haven't written anything yet!" Or I will sit in front of my computer and think, "Shoot! My mind is a complete blank!" Or I finish writing something and think, "Shoot! This is terrible!"

However, there have been other days where I've known exactly about what I was going to write. Those are fun days.

This has been an interesting challenge for me, since many of my posts are here on the Blurb. It means people aren't just aware that I'm doing the challenge, but they're watching me do the challenge! It does put on a little pressure.

I have been using my short story journal to create some pretty unique, compact stories that probably won't evolve into anything. I tried things I've never tried before, like having animals be the main characters and creating a whole universe in just a paragraph description. When I told my students about my resolution, I told them I would write stories featuring them, and I did! Some where members in a band, one was going off to college, one got amnesia, and a couple were on a cruise, but I think all of them enjoyed listening to my tales of their fictional lives.

I've slowly but surely been writing a few longer stories as well. I'm also not sure those will evolve into anything, but the nice thing about this resolution is that I always have those established writing stories if I'm desperate.

On Sunday I wrote something musical for the first time this year. I am playing for church on Sunday and the worship coordinator wanted me to play a Getty/Getty/Townend song, "By Faith," on piano with a violin. But the violinist was hoping for a little more to play than just the melody. So I suggested I write her a descant. And I did! (And it was so much fun!)

The wheels still turn and I still write. Sometimes it's 1000 words and sometimes it's a few paragraphs of a blog that will need fine-tuning later. But it's something! It keeps my brain going and it makes me ponder ideas throughout the day. (By the way, I need to keep a notebook on me at all times so I can jot down random thoughts. So many articles could be written on the ideas that I've forgotten!)

And thus concludes my writing obligation for Tuesday, March 7! Only 299 more days of writing to go to finish this baby up!


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