Spring Has Finally Sprung

I know - some of you might be reading the title of this blog and thinking, "What is she talking about? This winter wasn't that bad! It almost seems like we've been in springtime since the beginning of February!"

Let's face it - winters are hard. There's cold, there's snow, there's ice, there's wind, there's darkness, and there's that unpleasant feeling of having your routine messed up thanks to some storm that has brewed up. 

But do you know what is worse than a harsh winter?

A mild winter. 

I have experienced a few mild winters in a row, and they are not fun. I was told last fall - my first fall back in Michigan in eight years - that this winter was going to be especially tough. The waters of Lake Michigan were especially warm in the fall, and that usually spells a lot of moisture for our area. 

There was a lot of moisture, but it was joined with warm weather from the south and was rain instead. 

The problem with mild winters is that it seems like spring, Easter, and baseball are close by, but instead they are incredibly far away.

The past few winters were tough, because even while I was enjoying weather in the 50s and 60s, that weather was not accompanied by the joy that summer was fast approaching. Rather, summer was almost as far away as it could be. There was still so much work to do.

Warm weather is nice in February, but usually it's accompanied by a nasty cold snap. Those are not pleasant at all. We are so excited to put away the sweaters and open the windows, but then we start to shiver and have to snap everything shut again.

That's not even mentioning how it affects the farmers and growers who rely on the frozen ground to keep the plants dormant and prep the soil for the proper growing cycle.

Once it actually gets to spring, we walk around with a sense of uncertainty, waiting for that freak blizzard or icy wind to blow through our light jackets.

I like normal winters and normal springs. In this environment we have, it is less and less likely that we will ever have that kind of normal. We just need to accept the weather given to us and prepare for everything. At this point, I'm ready to prepare for a hurricane on Lake Michigan.

Let's enjoy the emergence of spring. Let's also keep our winter boots out, because honestly? I'm sure there's a little more snow out there somewhere.


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