The Big 3-0-0

I am presenting to you my 300th Blurb! How crazy is that? Thanks to So You Think You Can Dance recaps, wistful nostalgia, and daily breakdowns of the Olympic Games, I have made it to 300 articles on this site.

For me, this is something worth celebrating. Birthdays are just the start of another cycle around the sun, but this is a milestone! Who would have thought when I first started writing articles in the high school newspaper (which, to be honest, was more like a newsletter) that I would still be writing something other than field trip reminders, Spelling words, and hymn text that need to be memorized? Not me!

I do wish now that I had thought more seriously about going into journalism. I don't think it even crossed my radar as I considered careers. I thought of people that wrote newspaper articles as shady guys looking for the next big "scoop." I hadn't opened enough newspapers and magazines to see how a well-constructed, well-researched article was written.

Journalism would have been a really tough road. I've had droughts where I can't think about anything interesting to write, and to have that pressure while trying to make a deadline so I could get a paycheck would probably have been torture.

So now I'm doing writing as a hobby while I work at the job I was born to do: music, with teaching. With all the crazy options I could have chose, God wanted me to be at this place and doing this thing. Luckily, I still get to write.

I like to think that writing has opened up my creativity in music composition, as well. I have some pieces that are print-on-demand, but I'd love to get a book published sometime. I'm looking forward to the day when I am sitting in a church service and suddenly realize I am listening to something I composed!

I just reread my first official Blurb from September 9, 2010 about the Big Ten Conference adjustments. It's decent, but I like to think that 300 articles has made me improve my writing a bit. Throw in my stint on and my articles in Forward in Christ magazine, and I'm growing even more!

Will I ever quit and write full time? Probably not. As a matter of fact, I got a rejection email from a blog just a few weeks ago - those kinds of things keeps me humble. However, I'm not ruling out some writing or journalism classes in the future. I want to keep getting better and be able to branch out even more with my writing. That's probably how I'm able to continue my writing-every-day New Year's Resolution.

What is coming up for Blurb Musings? This summer I plan on chronicling my European trip, as well as another WELS Worship Conference. I'd like to try some more short stories and see how they float. There will be another Olympic Games in eleven months, and I still plan on daily updates for that! Whatever crazy idea sticks in my brain will probably blurt out onto the website eventually.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for sharing. It is an honor to have people who are interested in what I have to say!

I am Claire Nat! I am a teacher and write for I write about anything that interests me - mostly music, Olympics, and fandoms! Follow me @CeePipes or 


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