Bad Timing: Star Wars Celebration

Two years ago, Star Wars held its amazing convention in Anaheim, California called Celebration. A new trailer for The Force Awakens premiered, amazing costumes were seen, and memories were made. I was able to watch a lot of the convention thanks to Star Wars' live stream on YouTube, and I loved it.

As a matter of fact, I texted my brother on that Saturday night and said,

"I'm totally going to Celebration next year!!!!"

Well, during the closing ceremonies in 2015, it was revealed that the next Convention would be in London.

Well, shoot.

That wasn't going to work out for me at all. So my statement changed slightly.

"I'm totally going to Celebration the next time it's in the US!!!!"

Star Wars Celebration London came and went, and I got excited again because the next Celebration was announced to be in Orlando! I always fly to Orlando and getting around would be no problem.

WELL, then they announced the dates for this year's Celebration: April 13-16, 2017. I got pumped. I was already making arrangements in my head to take a few days off so I could get down there. I checked the dates...wait. April 14 is Good Friday and April 16 is Easter!

Well, SHOOT.

I am very active in my church, and having something on Easter means that there is pretty much no way I would be able to attend. I am also a called worker, so I have even more responsibilities that holiday weekend. This year's slate includes directing the kids in song, singing a solo, and singing in our adult choir on Good Friday, and then playing organ and singing in the adult choir on Easter Sunday. It's not like I can easily slip away from responsibilities like that.

Even if I wasn't as greatly involved in the music of my congregation, I would like to think that I would make going to church a high priority this weekend - even higher than Star Wars.

So why did they schedule this grand Celebration on a holiday weekend?

There are many reasons for sure, but I know that the schedule for the Convention Center would be important, and knowing that many schools had Spring Break this week was probably another big plug.

I do know a few bloggers and podcasters who are attending Celebration, but are leaving early because they want to celebrate Easter back home. I believe there are even a few non-denominational Easter services being held at Celebration. Easter takes precedent for many people.

My hope is that the next Star Wars Celebration in 2019 is going to be held on a weekend where I will be able to go. I love the excitement that comes from a convention with like-minded people - I follow many people on Twitter who are just radiating their joy.

I would love to go, but need to wait till the timing works out just right.


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