The 5Kx3 Challenge

After a winter hiatus, I have resumed my running routine! It's great not to have to dress in three layers and wear a hat and gloves when going out. I've been busy searching out new trails in my area and cultivating a new playlist of music.

My season starts off with a bang over the next three weeks, when I run a 5K each Saturday. I didn't get too much training, but I am running races where people I know will be watching me. That's kind of incentive enough to do well!

Saturday, April 29 - Seminary Scurry 

My brother attends Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, located on a beautiful campus in Wisconsin. Last year he posted pictures from his experience at the Seminary Scurry, and I knew that since I was living closer, I was going to do it!

This is going to be a much smaller event than I'm used to, which is a bit intimidating. The weather isn't supposed to be great, and that is a shame, considering the beautiful weather Wisconsin had earlier this week.

Still, not only do I get to run, I get to see my gorgeous niece! And fewer people on the roads is definitely not a bad thing.

Saturday, May 6 - Run for the Buds

While my first race of the season is small, this next one is pretty big. It's in conjunction with the local Blossomtime Festival and that draws in people from all over the place.

I have run the area quite often, and I like it very much! They actually have the race on the same route as the  Blossomtime Parade, which is run later in the day. I am looking forward to seeing lots of beautiful flowers on the road.

Our school actually puts together a running group for this race, and that piles on a bit more pressure. I've only told a couple of people I'm doing the race, so hopefully they see me at the finish and not during the race itself!

Saturday, May 13 - Titan Trot

The high school near me is hosting a 5K on its property, and since I was already doing the other two, I thought, "Why not?" It will be a good way to wrap up the spring running season for me, as well as support the high school and its work.

My biggest challenge will be to stay at my normal pacing. I still run the Galloway method, and it works really well while I'm training by myself. But when there's other people running with me, sometimes I let the momentum take me too quickly.

If I can feel good doing all three of these races, then that might be the catalyst I need to enter a race this fall. A race that requires a low pace and would really motivate me to train hard over the summer months!

I'll tell you what race it is after the 5Kx3 is done. Speculate away and wish me luck!


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