Summer Crazy is About to Begin

It's January. There are approximately five months until summer break. I look at my summer and go, "I have so much free time! Let me fill this in with a few fun things."

It's May. There's two weeks until summer break. I look at my summer and go, "I have zero free time! Why did I plan so much stuff?!"

Every summer seems to go like that for me and a lot of people I know. We start making plans, finalizing trips, scheduling conferences, slotting in work time, and suddenly there's no free time left. Every weekday or weekend has a party, a vacation, or a commitment.


This summer is no different for me. I thought I had some time between the end of school and the 2017 WELS Conference on Worship, Music, and the Arts (AKA Worship Conference). In reality, there's barely a week in between.

After that I have another single week before I'm off to Europe, hitting Great Britain, Germany, and the Czech Republic. I'm visiting tourist sites, visiting family, and visiting a church where I helped them start their annual Vacation Bible School six years ago.

Along with all of that stuff, I still have plenty of schoolwork to keep me busy during the summer months. I'll have faculty meetings, classroom cleanings, general organization, and lots of music planning that will fill up any free time I have at home!


Summer Busy is different from School Busy, that's for sure.

If you aren't aware, I made a New Year's Resolution in 2017 saying that I would be writing every day. Even in the craziness of this summer, I can't let that be an excuse not to write - especially since I have been so diligent for almost five whole months!

I will be writing posts about my busy summer and my crazy vacations and I am inviting you to join me! It promises not only to be informative, but fun and a little bit quirky.

After all, this summer promises to be crazy!


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