Europe 2017: Packing Is the Worst

I used to love packing. The deep decisions that had to be made would cause my brain to send out signals of happiness. What cool outfit should I wear? What shoes need to come? What CDs should I include in my travel case? (Yes kids, this was a problem.)

I loved packing because it meant I was going somewhere and doing something different.

Packing started to become a chore when I just kept going places. My family and friends are spread out all over the country, and I am usually the one packing up my stuff and seeing them because it's much easier for me to go to them than it is for them to come to me.

Most of the time I just throw a bunch of stuff in a bag and call it good. It takes a unique vacation to cause me to pack carefully. Next week's Europe trip just so happens to be one of those unique vacations.

I have done what seems like millions of hours of preparations, and one thing that keeps coming up is to pack lightly! I can understand why; there will be a few times on my trip where I will be going almost all day with my luggage, and I'd rather not pull a rolling suitcase or sling a duffel bag over my shoulder.

I purchased a soft-sided suitcase from that not only is lightweight, but also has backpack straps. The best part about the suitcase is that it is carry-on size.

Does that mean I am only traveling for three weeks with just a carry-on suitcase? Well, yes and no.

To be completely honest, that bag will carry all of my essentials. Since I can only travel with a small bag of 3oz liquids, I am planning on buying a few toiletries (like sunscreen) when I arrive in Europe. I was able to pack a week's worth of clothing, which really is all I need, because I can wash my clothes over there! (What an amazing idea!)

For the first two weeks, that's my plan. But since I'm joining the VBS crew in Plzen for the third week, I actually gave them my small rolling-bag suitcase filled with all of my VBS two or three outfits.

This type of packing method is a far cry from my "pack everything I may need!" mantra. I know that it will be pretty easy for me to stop at a pharmacy or convenience store and grab something I might require.

When it comes to technology, though, I am finding it more difficult to whittle my items down. The actual devices themselves are small and easy to pack, but there are so many cords! Trying to keep them all organized and in their own respective areas without becoming nuisances is hard. I plan on getting a few more drawstring bags to hold them in place!

Thankfully, I am almost done with my packing. I have a few more odds and ends to throw in, but it looks like my bag will not be overflowing.  I may even have room enough to fit a few pieces of artwork to add to my World Art wall!

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