Olympic Blurb: Los Angeles 2028

A few weeks ago it was announced that Paris and Los Angeles would be the next hosts of the Summer Olympic Games...but it would be up to the two cities to get together and decide which one would host 2024 and which would host 2028.

Those two cities were all that was left from a potential list of five cities that had applied to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. The others had pulled out (like Boston) because of lack of city approval, or lack of funding.

Not only were Paris and Los Angeles fully invested, they went all out in their campaign to get the International Olympic Committee to notice all the work they put into their bids, and thankfully the IOC noticed both. It also made the IOC's job a little easier over the next four years; they won't have to spend a lot of time picking a new host city for 2028 because it's all done!

Then on Monday, it was revealed that Los Angeles would host in 2028! All of their signage, their website, and their social media transformed overnight, making that "4" into an "8." No one seemed disappointed that it wasn't going to happen as soon as they thought. On the contrary, people were thrilled to get an extra four years to plan this thing out and get the city (and its suburbs) ready to host again after 44 years.

I actually caught a podcast that was released yesterday featuring Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti and LA Olympic chairman Casey Wasserman talking to Bill Simmons about the bid. It was a fascinating listen, and I encourage you to listen as well. If you can't listen to all of it, listen starting at 28:00 and go for about 90 seconds:

It was great listening to these two men in Los Angeles talking about the Olympics with a passion that I feel all the time. It was great to find a connection - yes, the Olympics are important.

As chairmen usually do, they promoted the heck out of the city in their bid and on the podcast, saying that no new stadiums would have to be built, every facility would have future uses, transportation would connect every area, they would not end the Olympics in debt because of all the private financing, and that the Olympic budget is not part of the city budget - it's all privately financed. That's something I didn't even know was possible, but here we are.

It has been well publicized that Olympic organizers from previous years are shady people - even the most recent Rio Olympics has already had several organizers put on trial for corruption and other things. Can we trust Mayor Garcetti and Wasserman to be telling the honest truth on all of their organizing plans? Well, no, but we can trust that they are passionate about this large event that is coming our way.

It's inevitable that there are going to be problems, and that the media is going to pounce on it and blow it out of proportion. One of the stadiums is going to be found to be not up to code, or a neighborhood is going to have to relocate to accommodate security regulations, or there won't be enough police officers, or something. But God-willing, this thing is going to happen.

So what does that mean for me? Well, I'll be *shudders* in my 40s in 2028. Will I go to the Olympics?

I would respond with a big "Yesbut." Yes, I wouldn't dare miss out on an Olympics in my home country, but I would like to not do it as a spectator. That is hopefully what I'll be doing in 2020 in Tokyo. In Los Angeles, I want to help. I want to volunteer!

Even though these Los Angeles games aren't for another 11 years, they've already opened up volunteer channels on their website, and yup, I've already signed up. Will I be able to do it? Only God knows, really. But if it comes close and I find out I should have done something 2-5 years earlier, I'll really be angry. Better to be safe than sorry. 

I think it would be awesome to be able to help out around the venues, or assist spectators, or heck - assist athletes. If I have an Olympics under my belt by then, I can use that experience to help out.

In order to get priority volunteering at the Olympics itself, the volunteer committee will be offering a lot of opportunities to volunteer in the next ten years. Participating in those would really help me out, so I might be making a few more trips to Los Angeles in the next few years to keep up my status. (So instead of Walt Disney World, I guess I'll be seeing more of Disneyland!)

Now this Olympics is waaaaaaaaay out in the future. You're probably all laughing at me. Or rolling your eyes. Or both. That's fine.

In the past 12 years I've realized a passion for this major event. Even when it's bashed or turns out badly, I support the idealism that was presented by Pierre de Coubertin over 100 years ago and that many of these world athletes support. The more I can promote it to my friends, family, and readers, the more I hope that enjoyment can spread from casual viewing to full-on enthusiasm!

I'm going to work really hard to follow this campaign to the end, whether I'm there in LA or not. I hope you'll be supporting it, too. 


  1. We're never turning 40, I don't know what you're talking about! ;-)


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