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Star Wars Saturday: Collectibles

There are so many more things to Star Wars than just the movies. George Lucas knew this when he was making the first film - he made sure to get a slice of the merchandising profits. People didn't realize at the time that this would be such a major investment! Since 1978, the amount of merchandising has exploded, and most Star Wars news that is released is some sort of merchandise. And as the children who grew up with Star Wars mature, their toys also mature to collectibles and film prop replicas. It's easy to love Star Wars movies - there are (currently) eight of them, with others down the pipeline. But when it comes to merch, I have tried to avoid getting sucked in. Why? Two important factors have played a part: money and space. For the first few years of my adult life (post-college) I was living in small apartments where space was a luxury, and earning paychecks that gave me a good living but didn't provide any excess with which to spend frivolously. Because of thes

Star Wars Saturday: Great Star Wars Podcasts Part II

Over the years I have become a very large listener of podcasts. I listen to them when driving, walking, cleaning the house, and even correcting papers in the classroom. Just like television shows, certain podcasts that I followed religiously a few years ago are now in my "if I have no other podcasts with which to listen" pile or deleted completely. Twitter has helped me expand my Star Wars podcast listening through all the people I follow. Each person seems to either run their own or have a friend who runs their own podcast about Star Wars, and I generally give each one a shot on a trial basis. To my delight, many of the podcasts that I've grown to love are run primarily by Star Wars fangirls like me. None of them are alike and offer a unique perspective on that galaxy, and I enjoy each one for what they offer, even if their opinions don't always mesh with my own. I already blogged two years ago about my favorites back then. Here is a list of some of my new

Star Wars Saturday: Rogue One Movie Review

A year ago in December, Lucasfilm released its first standalone film in the Star Wars universe:  Rogue One . I never got a chance to talk about it, and honestly I think I needed the past nine months to come up with a well-rounded review of the movie. Rogue One  tells about a group of Rebels who infiltrated Imperial base, stole the plans to the (original) Death Star, and as a result started the first major battle between the two factions that resulted in the first major Rebel victory. It also finishes basically right before the start of  A New Hope . I went into the movie with very low expectations. I was never wowed by the teasers and trailers that had been released and was a bit frustrated with the uninspiring dialogue coming out of the characters' mouths. (That "I rebel" uttered by Felicity Jones was a rallying cry for some, but it was an eyeroll for me.) Midsummer panic when the movie went into reshoots was also a bit daunting. My low expectations (and the res

Star Wars Saturday: Why Multiple Death Stars are an Acceptable Plot Device

Star Wars is beloved by many for its character development, snappy dialogue, and crazy action scenes. But it's not perfect. One of the complaints from Star Wars fans and haters alike is the Death Star plot device. It was well executed in A New Hope , then brought back for some reason in Return of the Jedi , and then frustratingly transformed into Starkiller Base for The Force Awakens . In the Original Trilogy it was almost permissible, but to bring it back in this new era of Star Wars almost seemed unforgivable. However, I am here to play the other side. Argue all you want, but here is why having multiple planet-destroying ships is a perfectly acceptable plot device in Star Wars: The first two Death Stars were probably constructed at the same time .  We first saw the plans for the Death Star in Attack of the Clones, and by the end of Revenge of the Sith a skeleton had been put in place out in the far reaches of the galaxy. But the overall planning and construction took

Star Wars Saturday: Why I'm Excited for The Last Jedi

And we're back! Every Saturday from now until the release of Star Wars The Last Jedi  I will be writing articles about my favorite fandom of all time: Star Wars! Subscribe to Blurb Musings for those weekly updates, plus more! Two years ago I was incredibly excited to welcome Star Wars back to the movie universe. I hadn't been supremely disappointed in the prequels like others, but I knew they left a lot on the table that could have been explored. The Force Awakens  was a chance to see Star Wars spinning off from the Original Trilogy, featuring characters from that time. From the first teaser that they showed back in November of 2014, everyone knew they were bringing out everything that the fans loved. New characters, old favorites, lightsabers, etc. They were all there. I was excited then, but I am even more excited now  as we count down the days until The Last Jedi  hits theaters. (102 days, to be exact.) Why am I more excited? Read on: We have an established galax