Star Wars Saturday: Great Star Wars Podcasts Part II

Over the years I have become a very large listener of podcasts. I listen to them when driving, walking, cleaning the house, and even correcting papers in the classroom. Just like television shows, certain podcasts that I followed religiously a few years ago are now in my "if I have no other podcasts with which to listen" pile or deleted completely.

Twitter has helped me expand my Star Wars podcast listening through all the people I follow. Each person seems to either run their own or have a friend who runs their own podcast about Star Wars, and I generally give each one a shot on a trial basis.

To my delight, many of the podcasts that I've grown to love are run primarily by Star Wars fangirls like me. None of them are alike and offer a unique perspective on that galaxy, and I enjoy each one for what they offer, even if their opinions don't always mesh with my own.

I already blogged two years ago about my favorites back then. Here is a list of some of my new favorites:

Lattes with Leia

This podcast is hosted by Amy Ratcliffe and Dr. Andrea Letamendi, it's part of the Coffee with Kenobi podcast network and launched in January of 2016. I started listening from Day 1, and really enjoyed what I heard.

The duo doesn't do interviews, but just talks to each other about their topic of choice. They do a fine job covering the topic and doesn't overdo it, either.

My favorite part of their podcast, however, is the first 20 minutes or so, when they take turns talking about what their current favorite thing about Star Wars is. Sometimes it's a new piece of merchandise or clothing, other times it's a well-written article, and other times it's a television episode or movie trailer. They are soft-spoken and it almost feels like you're eavesdropping on a conversation they're having with each other, which is almost exactly the definition of a podcast.

With a title like "Lattes with Leia," it's also obvious that they drink while they record. Funnily enough, the two of them have only had lattes once, I believe.

Lattes with Leia airs once a month. 

Skytalkers: This Galactic Life

This is a new addition to my collection, hosted by Charlotte Errity and Caitlin Plesher. I only began listening about a month ago, but already I get excited when I see a new episode post. They focus on one topic each episode, breaking it down into parts in order not to miss anything.

They are in the middle of dissecting each Star Wars movie, which pretty much every Star Wars podcast will do once in a while. They have decided to break them down in their version of the Machete Order: I, IV, V, II, III, VI, and VII (and so on). I started listening as they recorded their review of A New Hope and I liked how they organized their thoughts.

In between the parts of their podcast, they like to insert audio clips from the movies. During their Machete reviews they put in trailers and commercials for the movie they are reviewing. It was fun hearing the difference between Empire Strikes Back's thrilling trailers and Attack of the Clones' goofy commercials.

I'm curious to see what they think of my favorite episode, Return of the Jedi, since that movie is pretty much divided right down the middle between the lovers and the haters.

Skytalkers: This Galactic Life airs every other Saturday.

Fangirls Going Rogue

I have been on and off about this podcast, which was part of Rebel Force Radio's podcast family (but apparently isn't affiliated anymore). Their excitement is palpable (sometimes hysterically palpable) but they seemed to have toned it down a little bit.

The three hosts, Tricia Barr, Teresa Delgado, and Sarah Woloski genuinely enjoy each other's company and shoot the breeze freely. They commonly talk about Disney as well, because Sarah is also part of a podcast called Skywalking Through Neverland and frequents the parks.

I love their new introduction - between that, the nice website, and their fancy logo, this podcast has turned pretty professional. They cover a bunch of topics in an episode, which helps move it along and to let the topic not get stale.

Fangirls Going Rogue airs once or twice a month.

Collider Jedi Council

Do I include this one? The reason I hesitate is because this isn't actually a podcast - it's a video offshoot of, which covers movie and television news. They have daily videos during the week that cover a lot of the news of the day, but every Thursday they have a special video called Collider Jedi Council, where an ever-changing group of Star Wars fans in the Collider family get together to talk what's been going on. They also happen to upload to an iTunes feed, so I listen to the show instead of watch it.

The crew is a nice mix, and if we're promoting fangirls in podcasts, I can mention the frequent female contributors who know their stuff. I often hear Peri Nemiroff, Tiffany Smith, and Ash Crossan and they all are deep into Star Wars lore.

The Council covers three topics: movie news, canon-related stuff like books, comics, and television, and Twitter questions. I personally enjoy the movie talk segment the most (but that might be because I'm so excited for The Last Jedi), but the canon segment talks about the most important details of the non-movie and they pick out very good Twitter questions that sometimes inspires so much debate I wish it would last longer!

Collider Jedi Council airs every Thursday on YouTube and iTunes.

When I would get in a car that was airing talk radio I used to roll my eyes. Now, I am always listening to talking heads - it's quite a change for me. But the difference is that the podcasts I listen to revolve around one of my favorite things of all time. Thank goodness for all the great content that is out there for listeners and Star Wars fans to enjoy!

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