Star Wars Saturday: The Ideal Planet

We don't know all of the planets in the galaxy far, far away, but based on the sample size it looks like planets range from the hot and dry to the cold and bleak. The Rebels and our fearless heroes were forced to retreat to some interesting locations, and because of that we got to see more than just planets with buildings and flying vehicles. Instead, we enjoyed forests, tundra, deserts, and swamps.

The more we watch, listen, and read about Star Wars locations, the more we get sucked in. Eventually, the thought will cross our minds: "Where would we want to live in the Star Wars galaxy?"

It's easy for me to pick where I would want to live. If the moon of Endor was a planet, I'd like that. But if I had to be scientifically precise and be forced to choose a planet, I'd say Naboo.


The planet of Naboo is one of the first Star Wars planets they showed where there was a variety of landforms. Naboo has swamp, grassland, plateaus, mountains, and lakes, And these aren't just little landforms, either. Naboo rarely has a bad day of weather, and every view looks like a painting. (For good reason, but let's just ignore that right now. 

Even in times of danger - including being chased by opee sea killers and facing battle droids - Naboo still looks gorgeous! 


We get to view two major cities in Naboo, and both are incredible. Theed is a well-engineered, well-built city that must be an urban planner's dream. It's built on a plateau and water flows through it and down several major waterfalls. 

The second city is the Gungan city of Otoh Gunga. Say what you want about the Gungans themselves, but that city is wondrous. I love the bubbles that surround each area, and the ease at which people and creatures can go from swimming in the water to standing in a breathable area. 


The humans and Gungans coexist at the end of The Phantom Menace. It is hinted at the beginning of the movie that the humans at one time considered themselves "better" than the Gungans and created a rift between the two. But in later years the creatures are working together and have improved the planet even more than could be possible. 


Unfortunately, Naboo will always be stigmatized as the place where the evil Emperor Sheev Palpatine was born and grew up. Somehow in his youth in Naboo he was corrupted and turned into one of the most deceptive and corrupt people the galaxy has ever seen. As a matter of fact, when he died, an order was put into place postmortem to have Naboo destroyed. (Luckily, it didn't work.)

Amongst all that beauty, there are some pretty dangerous creatures out there, too. The aforementioned opee sea killers and also the sando aqua monster are right there, waiting for unsuspecting bongo transports to come their way. 

While other planets dwell on extremes, Naboo is a lush paradise. If it wasn't a planet of the prequel era, you can bet it would be even more popular than it is now!

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