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Star Wars Saturday: Luke and Leia's Losses in Episode IV

Everyone calls the original Star Wars  an amazing film from start to finish. The effects were revolutionary, the story was entertaining, and it was exactly what the world needed when it was released. However, people don't usually call it a perfect movie. It has a few flaws, whether you look at the original or the special edition. One of those flaws is how heartbroken Luke gets over the death of Obi-Wan Kenobi, a man he's known for about two days, while Leia seeminly has the galaxy's shortest grief period after her entire planet is destroyed. So why the discrepancy? When we look at the real-world implications, Leia gets less screen time than Luke and Han in the movie. While the boys are off blowing up the Death Star, she is stuck in Yavin IV staring at readouts and hearing the battle. Although she is shown to be a snarky badass, she still doesn't get enough to do - especially at the very end of the movie. In the 1970s the feminist movement was going strong,

Star Wars Saturday: The State of Fandom

It seems like every day there are more and more people who are joining the Star Wars fandom. Some join with mild interest and others dive headfirst into everything on which they can put their hands. There are so many entry points for Star Wars fans, too. People don't just  have to join up because they've watched the movies. They can join because of television, comics, books, video games, theme parks, and even music! Star Wars didn't always enjoy this massive size. Thirty years ago after Return of the Jedi  had made its way into theaters, there was nothing else. There was a comic for a while, but the most ardent Star Wars fan had a hard time keeping the dream alive. That certainly isn't the case anymore! While this is a lovely problem to have, it also has turned into a bit of a problem. Longtime fans of Star Wars have gotten upset at some of the new entries into Star Wars canon because they don't like it. They take their displeasure onto social media and ran

Star Wars Saturday: The Disney Parks and Star Wars

Since Disney acquired Lucasfilm back in 2012, the presence of Star Wars at the Disney Parks around the world has steadily increased. Each new item added has only improved upon the Star Wars brand, in my opinion, and helps fans to immerse themselves as we've wanted to for so long. There are growing pains with every transition, but I have loved all the changes that Star Wars has brought to the Disney Parks Let's take a little look at how things have changed: Pre-Lucasfilm Acquisition Star Wars became a permanent resident in the Disney Parks in 1987, when Star Tours premiered in Disneyland. Two years later, the attraction opened in Tokyo Disneyland and MGM Studios. It was a simple trip to Endor that goes awry thanks to your terrible pilot, Rex. That iteration of the attraction lasted until 2011, when the simulation became randomized and guests could visit two planets while trying to sneak a Rebel spy through Imperial space.  The attraction has always been a lot of

Star Wars Saturday: Fears and Star Wars Episode III

I would not be a passionate die-hard Star Wars fan if I didn't have fears and trepidation about the fictional galaxy that I know and love. I've  blogged about my  worries  a few times , and I'm glad to see that most of my fears were unfounded. The cast as a whole has been fantastic, and it has bridged the trilogies really well. It has spawned a whole new generation of fans, and I geek out a little bit whenever I see a kid dressed up as a Star Wars character. My current fear is story-related instead of production-related, which I guess is a good thing. Amidst all of the production hullabaloo that plagued  Rogue One  and was plaguing  Solo  and Episode IX this summer, director Rian Johnson has simply put together a movie with no controversy. So what am I worried about? I'm worried about the status of my favorite character, Luke Skywalker. At the end of  Return of the Jedi  Luke proclaims, "I am a Jedi, like my father before me." He denies the Emperor