Star Wars Saturday: 30 "Days" of Star Wars

Get this, you guys: this is the final Star Wars Saturday post before The Last Jedi is released on Thursday! I can hardly believe it's almost here, and I'm so excited to post my review for you next Saturday. It probably will just be a quick reaction review, with a more in-depth review the week after, so that I can sit and process what I've just witnessed on the big screen.

I started my daily movie countdown to The Last Jedi on Thursday, when I watched The Phantom Menace. That's right; I chose to go in episodic order instead of release order or machete order. That's just how I am.

For now, I am going to borrow an idea I received from the YouTuber HelloGreedo, who gives reviews, commentary, and snark about Star Wars with his signature stormtrooper helmet on his head. Others are probably doing this, too; it's just that I subscribe to his channel and this is where I first heard it!

With 30 days to go, he started a daily Star Wars Challenge, and he posts about his favorite and least favorite things. There's a list at the beginning of each video, so I am going to do it.

I'm going to cheat a little bit, because I only have one blog post left and there's only 5 days left until I see The Last Jedi. So let's just do all of them at once!

Day 1: your personal favorite Star Wars memory

It used to be my 4:30 a.m. viewing of The Phantom Menace on Opening Day, but I think now it's my 1-day, 7-movie marathon two years ago. It was exhausting, but so much fun! I sat next to two awesome ladies and experienced something I'll never do again. 

Day 2: your all-time favorite character

Luke Skywalker

Day 3: favorite original trilogy movie

Return of the Jedi. It wraps the trilogy, completes a perfect character arc for Luke, and I love both the Jabba's barge scene and the Ewoks. 

Day 4: favorite prequel trilogy movie

Revenge of the Sith

Day 5: all time favorite Star Wars video game

I really like the Star Wars podracer video game for the N64. Honestly? It's the only Star Wars game I've ever played. But I played it a lot, which is more than I can say for basically all non-Mario video games.

Day 6: favorite lightsaber fight

Anakin vs. Obi-Wan in Revenge of the Sith, but only until the shield for the station is broken and all the lava comes. Then it gets quite ridiculous. Before then, though...say what you want - I think it's choreographic perfection!

Day 7: all time favorite scene

Hard to choose, but the triple battle in Return of the Jedi. It has action ("It's a trap!"), tension (Palpatine pulling the strings), comedy (Chewie and Ewoks save the day), and triumph ("I'm a Jedi, like my father before me.")

Day 8: favorite Yoda quote

His first one: "Away with your weapon! I mean you no harm." 

Day 9: favorite fan film

You might get picky about my choice, but it's Belated Media's "What if <insert prequel> were GOOD?" series. He's making his own spin on the movies, which might not be as much of a fan film as you might want, but I don't watch many fan films so this'll have to do! (Plus the art for Episodes II and III was great!)

Day 10: something you wish was different

Luke's Force kick. Which editor got fired because of that gaffe?

Day 11: favorite piece of Star Wars merch that you own

Day 12: an actor you want to see in a Star Wars movie

Someday I'll hear that Zachary Levi is taking his Flynn Rider act to a galaxy far, far away and I'll be really happy. 

Day 13: favorite member of the Rogue One crew

Chirrut Îmwe. That scene with him vs. the stormtroopers was my favorite part of Rogue One and it was waaaaaay too short. 

Day 14: favorite piece of Star Wars music

The "Luke and Leia" suite from Return of the Jedi

Day 15: favorite vehicle in the saga

Luke's X-Wing is still the best. (Will it come out of the ocean in The Last Jedi?!?!?!?)

Day 16: favorite special edition change

Admit it - the Yavin battle is way better in the special edition. 

Day 17: least favorite special edition change

The Jabba scene is cringe-worthy.

Day 18: favorite Star Wars parody


Day 19: favorite non-Star Wars movie from a Star Wars actor

I could take the easy route and say Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but I'm going to go with Frank Oz in Muppet Family Christmas!

Day 20: favorite droid

I find 21-B to be the most pleasant droids. The one that helps out Luke after his Wampa attack in The Empire Strikes Back is so nice. I mean, he says "Take care, sir," as Luke goes out. It seems like he cared about Luke's well being!

Day 21: a Star Wars game you wish existed

The biggest problems I have with Star Wars games is that they're too hard or too easy. I just want a game that is accessible. 

Day 22: the Star Wars anthology film you want


Day 23: your favorite The Force Awakens moment

Basically every time Han says something quippy. His dialogue is so Han Solo, and after years of reading novels and comics that were trying (and mostly failing) to catch the essence of Han Solo, it was great to hear his words once again come from the pen of Lawrence Kasdan. Ones I always quote:

"And that thing can understand you, too, so watch it."
"Move, ball."
"Listen, Big Deal. You've got another problem. Women always find out. Always."
"I never ask that question until after I've done it."
"Oh, really? You're cold?"

And my favorite...

"That's not how the Force works!"

Day 24: favorite space battle

The giant scene in Return of the Jedi is fantastic, but if we just focus on the space battle, then A New Hope has the most complete and effective story as spacecraft are flying around and destroying each other. You pretty much get invested in every Rebel pilot trying to take down that Death Star.

Day 25: least favorite Star Wars moment

Any time flatulence or poop is involved. (Which actually is quite a lot.)

Day 26: favorite Darth Vader quote

From The Empire Strikes Back: "He's as clumsy as he is stupid."

Day 27: if you were an extra, what scene would you be in?

The Yavin celebration, just to get a few more female characters in there. 

Day 28: director you want to direct a Star Wars movie

Anyone female. I mean, seriously. You want to be at the forefront of gender equality? Get a female director under contract.

Day 29: a prop you'd like to own

Luke's green lightsaber. #ignitethegreen 

Day 30: why you love Star Wars

I could write a longer blog about this one day, but I'll be brief here:

My brother and I are three years apart - he's older than I am, and we didn't get along too well when we were in grade school - I was obnoxious and he was easily annoyed. But the one thing that united us was Star Wars. That was a time when we weren't fighting, but united in our love of the galaxy far, far away.

It continues to this day - we are on opposite sides of the country and we have different jobs, but when we get together I'll know that we'll have a lot of Star Wars to discuss!

So there you have it! 30 days' worth of topics shrunk down into one blog. The next time we meet, we will be discussing The Last Jedi. How immensely exciting!

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