2018 Olympic Blurb Day 15

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The Olympics always contain a pretty great collection of music - from the classics of John Williams' Olympic themes to the contemporary music used in routines and commercials. I remember in 2008 purchasing a lot of music on iTunes because I connected them with the Beijing Olympics - things like "Take Me As I Am" by Tonic, "Harder Better Faster Stronger" by Daft Punk, "August's Rhapsody" (from August Rush) by Mark Mancina, and "Rise Above This" by Seether.

This round of Olympic music had some great pieces, but also some stuff I never want to hear again! So I split my choices into the Love Its and the Loathe Its:

Love It!

  • "Yuri On Ice" by 梅林太郎

    This piece is taken from the Japanese anime of the same name. Yes, it's about the wonderful world of figure skating! It was performed by the Japanese pair in figure skating, Miu Suzaki and Ryuichi Kihara. 

  • "Arrival of the Birds" by The Cinematic Orchestra
    This is a British group who composed the piece for a documentary on flamingos! It was used for the free dance of Adam Rippon. 
  • "Nemesis" by Benjamin Clementine
    This song may be more remembered for both of Nathan Chen's disastrous short programs (both in the team and individual event) but I like this song anyway. 
  • "O" (Fly On) by Coldplay
    Combined with "Arrival of the Birds" this fit in perfectly. While Myxo Xyloto is their best album, this song doesn't come from it! I still like it. 
  • The OBS PyeongChang Theme Song
    This was the song that played if you ever started a live stream from the very beginning. They also played it intermittently through the broadcast and then sometimes at the end. I heard it on Day 1 and thought, "Oh man, I am going to hate this song in two weeks." I heard it dozens of times, but I loved it every time! I will miss it a lot. 

Loathe It!
  • Anything from Moulin Rouge
    The soundtrack was the music of choice for many figure skaters and I was pretty sick of it. But no offense, Ewan McGregor - I still love you. (Please be Obi-Wan Kenobi again!)

  • "Despacito" by Louis Fonsi
    This was the song for two straight ice dancers and I was done. No thanks. As a matter of fact, I'm not even going to link the real version. 
  • "All These Things That I've Done" by The Killers
    I own the album this song came from - Hot Fuss - and I used to really enjoy this song. Then Samsung used it for their "Can/Can't" commercial that I heard eight million times over that first weekend and that was it for me.
  • All ABBA songs.
    Another commercial (for the Mamma Mia! sequel) that ruins not just a song, but an entire pop group! I'm not linking you to their songs. You can find them on your own. 

What were some songs that you adored or hated? Let me know!

Classroom Blurb

Yesterday I sent my kids home with their giant Olympic packets and mini booklet. The large packet had information on general Olympic information like the torch, the mascots, and the host cities, but also had stuff on different Winter Olympic sports. I also included a great segment I'd found on North and South Korea. 

Four years ago when I was teaching grades 3-5 I really tried to do some major geography with the kids and it was waaaaay too much. This time I kept it to continents and several major countries. As long as they could look at a globe and remember the basics I was okay!

I brought my Czech scarf that I'd purchased in the Czech Republic over and gave it to the child who had chosen the Czech Republic as his country to follow. He loved it! He promptly put it on and wore it the entire day! I pointed out to the kids on some of the Olympic events we watched that people frequently waved scarves to cheer their favorite countries. My kids said he would ask his grandmother to knit him one!

Mini Blurbs
  • Though many events have wrapped, I was able to see the stuff that was offered today:
    • long track speed skating
    • figure skating
    • bobsled
  • I was initially very excited for the idea of a "mass start" on the long track, but after watching it be done, I was very underwhelmed. It's sixteen laps long, but no one wants to lead! As a result the pacing is very slow and people keep bowing out of first place. One or two people will try to take over but then get tired in the end. They have points given out, but it doesn't seem like that points system is very effective - especially for the final race. They have points given out at intermediate times, but only two or three skaters actually bite. 
  • This is the only time when the long track speed skaters don't wear their hoods, and wear the short-track-style helmets instead. It was very odd to see towering Sven Kramer of the Netherlands wearing one of those helmets. 
  • I'm glad I didn't try to watch it live this morning - the replay had the semifinals and finals tagged so I could easily skip to those and miss on ice resurfacing and various other delays. 
  • I'm amused by the "Miracurl on Ice" pun given to the men's curling team. 
  • The figure skating gala was tonight, and I watched the whole thing for the first time. NBC likes to show two or three of the skates, but putting them all together made for a lovely presentation. I got misty-eyed because I'd watched all of these skaters compete, and now they were able to let loose and express themselves in different ways! 
  • One of my favorites was Javier Fernandez, who performed an aerobics routine featuring all the standard dance songs and several costume changes. Another skater with lots of costume changes and plenty of energy in his hip hop routine was Misha Ge from Uzbekistan. The pairs skaters from Italy did a routine on "Barbie Girl" by Aqua!
  • The only one that was pretty awkward was 15-year-old Alina Zagitova, who had on a slinky one-piece outfit and was writing on the floor at one point. I'll repeat: 15-year-old. 
  • At the end, all of the skaters go on the ice for a mass routine, and it wasn't perfect at all, but it was amazing to see all these skaters together sharing the ice and dancing away! I adored it. I have found a new respect for figure skating at these Olympics. 
  • The 4-man bobsled resulted in another tie! This time it was in silver. South Korea's Team Won and Germany's Team Walther ended up with the same time after four runs. Maybe by the next Olympics we'll be timing to thousandths of a second!
  • For the first time I watched some of the "Best of Team USA" stream online, and it was crazy to see some of those things, because it seems like they happened ages and ages ago when it was only two weeks! 
But as it always happens, the Olympics come to a close tomorrow. One more Olympic Blurb to go! (Maybe...stay tuned.)

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