2018 Olympic Blurb Day 9

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So... I am ill.

I have caught the 24-hour (hopefully) stomach flu. I ate several handfulls of Cheerios this morning and forced myself to eat some Mrs. Grass soup around 8:00 tonight. (If you don't know the Mrs. Grass brand, look it up.)

It's been frustrating because I've been distracted by my sickness instead of enjoying these Olympic games.

It makes me marvel at these athletes who are going to a different country and have to compete while being sick. Mikaela Shiffrin hasn't been 100% since after her gold-medal win earlier this week - she vomited right before one of her slalom runs.

Other athletes have to deal with the normal adjustments of adapting to a new country's water system. Some have no issues, and some have diarrhea for days. (Sorry - it's a bit much to think about.)

I can barely function today, and yet some people are competing while feeling worse than me! The best way to put it is that they are pushing aside those ill feelings and focusing completely on their event. Sickness tends to try to creep into every single thought, so the fact that they can ignore it is quite admirable!

And then there's illness that is definitely unavoidable. Team USA's Justin Olsen had an emergency appendectomy just two weeks ago! Some would say that an appendectomy would get them out of the Olympics. Not Olsen - he is competing in men's 2-man bobsled anyway. That's either very brave or very stupid - I can't decide which yet.

If a favorite ends up stumbling unexpectedly, it may be due to sickness that you don't find out about until much later. Keep that in mind before judging their performance, because at least they aren't sitting on a couch feeling sorry for themselves.

(Like me.)

Classroom Blurb

I wonder how many of my students will tune into some Olympic events this weekend? I'd say about half of them would actively search for it. We'll see on Tuesday!

Mini Blurbs

  • The stuff I watched today:
    • biathlon
    • cross-country skiing relay
    • ski slopestyle
    • BOBSLED!
    • long track speed skating
    • aerials
    • ice dancing
    • snowboard big air
    • ski halfpipe
  • Biathlon was a joy, yet again. France's Martin Fourcade and Germany's Simon Schempp bolted to the finish line and ended up in a photo finish - something I've been waiting for all Olympics! Fourcade ended up winning by a toe. There was a chance that there could have been a Germany sweep, but in the last two rounds of shooting the Germans started to drop. 
  • Cross-country skiing was also a lot of fun. (I must be getting old.) And Norway came from behind to storm into the lead in the finish. Kazakhstan ended up leading after the first leg, but unfortunately the couldn't hold on. 
  • Speaking of Norway, a Norwegian ended up winning ski slopestyle, which is not a common discipline for Norway to win! Team USA's Nick Goepper ended up with silver - the lone American to take a medal, which is different from last Olympics when they swept the podium. (It always happens - Americans dominate the new sport and then everyone catches up to make it exciting.)
  • The 500m speed skating on the long track is my favorite long track event - even more than the pursuit, which I used to love. Usually long track is about endurance and keeping track of how many loops around the ice. In the 500m it's just one and done, and that means the times are a lot closer together. Brittany Bow from Team USA ended up in a tie for the lead at one point, before other competitors pushed her off the podium. (Not literally - that would be mean.)
  • I know the IOC is introducing new events to be "hip with the times," but aerials and big air have to be some of the most boring events in the Olympics. I've already complained about aerials before, but the qualification round for women's big air was tonight and I expected more...big air! It's basically the last hill of slopestyle, and that's all the athletes can do. NBC was basically tweeting how giant the hill is, and it is incredibly tall, but it doesn't result in big air! It's pretty boring. (Though it did make me appreciate the complete slopestyle routine that athletes have to do in that event. The rails are - gasp! - important!)
  • I can't find her name online, but the female commentator in the ice dancing live stream made me smile today when one of the routines took place this evening. First of all, I love both the commentators on the live stream - they are informative and clever, and add in an element of fun when it counts. And when one group started with a song by Santana, she just exhaled, "God, I love Santana." 
  • What's worse than hearing "Despacito" in the ice dancing competition? Hearing "Despacito" in two routines in a row. I think that song is making me more sick.
  • I got to watch all of the bobsled runs today, and I was glad I started with Run 1 because it allowed me to see the elite sliders compared to the ones who were more average. Only 0.29 seconds separate the top five, which means it's anybody's game! I love bobsled.
  • They have now mounted cameras on several of the sleds so now we as the audience can see exactly what the driver sees down the slide. How exhilarating! Even when I watched a video of the Germans crashing at the finish line (yet still putting them in first place), I still firmly believe that I would want to do bobsled above any other Winter Olympic sport. 
I'm going to continue drinking lots of fluids and finish up this ice dancing competition. I sure hope I feel better in the morning!

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