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Olympic Blurb Wrap-Up March 19-24

I remember as a kid being mesmerized by the change of seasons. Accompanying those seasons was the change in American sports seasons. The end of summer commenced when football camps began. Basketball and hockey snuck in as the weather got colder. Baseball spring training meant the days would be longer and the warmth would return. And before long, football was back again! I was entranced by the cycle of sports. I knew that sports like golf and auto racing were peppered in here and there, but never realized that they had seasons, too. But nowadays my Olympic mind is realizing that seasons are starting and ending all over the place for many sports - we just don't realize it! This week marked the end of the figure skating and curling seasons through their world championships. Often American viewers only see the world championships and think that those are the only international competitions these athletes do. In reality, Olympic hopefuls are constantly  competing all over the wo

Olympic Blurb: March 12-18 Wrap-Up

Today, we finally said goodbye to PyeongChang as the Paralympics came to a close and the flame was extinguished once again. (At least, they tried to extinguish it. The thing kept trying to start up again!) While the Olympians from Team USA may have had a lackluster Winter Games compared to previous years according to the media, you couldn't say the same thing about the Team USA Paralympians. They had a total of 36 medals - a whopping 12 more than the second place team of the NPA. (AKA Russia.) Thirteen of those medals were gold, while the NPA and Canada followed up with eight. Many people got excited last night over Michigan's last-second win over Houston in the NCAA Tournament. Personally, I don't think it should have gotten to where a last-second three pointer was even necessary! So my highlight of the night was Team USA's win over Canada in the sledge hockey gold medal match. Canada scored in the first period, and then it was a defensive battle the rest of t

Olympic Blurb: March 5-11 Wrap-Up

This week's Olympic Blurb takes us to the Paralympics, which started on Friday! NBC is offering more coverage of the Paralympic Winter Games than ever, plus they offer even more on their live stream. I am enjoying the things that I watch - especially because I did a little bit of research before the Games began. The Paralympic Winter Games has a ton of events, but doesn't branch into speedskating, bobsled, or figure skating. However, most of the events offered are competed in three different categories: standing, sitting, and visually impaired. They have really been able to use technology to help those with more limited disabilities be able to compete at the same level as those with less limited disabilities. Each athlete is categorized before the Games, and once they have been put into categories they adjust the clock so it counts faster or slower. (It's called "Factored Time" if you're watching some events this week.) I know that when I watched the R

Olympic Blurb: February 26 - March 4 Wrap-Up

I used to think that athletes that competed at the Olympics only  competed at the Olympics. It didn't help that way-back-when the Olympics were the only time that these athletes were put on television, and then they proceeded to go on a national tour with their medals and do a bunch of commercials. The next time we saw them, it was the Olympics again! Thanks to cable and NBC's Olympics deal, we now have several channels that are able to broadcast the rest of the Olympic sports' seasons as well as World Championships that aren't up to NBC's standards. One of them is even called "The Olympic Channel."  So this week I was able to catch up on my favorite sport of all time, track and field (AKA athletics) as it entered the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham, Alabama  England. I had been able to watch a few of the indoor events and knew what to expect:  The track is only 200 meters long instead of 400, and banks in the curves like a NASCAR tra