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Amazing Athletes - TYR Pro Swim in Indy

Last week I posted a little vlog all about my adventures at the TYR Pro Swim Series meet on Friday, May 19. This week I am posting the second part of that vlog, covering events from Saturday, May 20! I know it's impossible to communicate with fans every single Olympic sporting event that is taking place all over the United States, but I feel like there isn't enough marketing out there for some of the smaller events featuring Olympic athletes. If more people knew that major Olympic swimmers were in Indianapolis last weekend, I think the stands might have been more full. National championships are always a big draw and get big crowds, but it took me a long time to realize that there are so many other smaller events that these athletes do over the season - events that don't get the publicity that they deserve! Make sure to keep your ear to the ground and find out about events close to your area. If I hadn't been watching the first round of the TYR Pro Swim Series

Amazing Swimming Live and in Person! TYR Pro Swim in Indy

This weekend I headed down to Indianapolis for the TYR Pro Swim Series meet! Fun fact: they actually call it "teer" and I didn't know it! I took video of my time at the meet - both Friday and Saturday. In short: it was so much fun, and so worth doing! I wish more people had taken advantage of this great opportunity to see amazing Olympic-caliber athletes in person. I attended the evening sessions and then spent Saturday touring around downtown Indianapolis, which is beautiful! I parked on the IUPUI campus (there's plenty of parking in the garages now that school is out) and then walked around the park and Canal Walk. I almost walked eight miles yesterday! Because of that eight miles I am thoroughly exhausted today. I was able to edit the Friday video, but we'll save the Saturday coverage for next week! Sorry about the audio quality at the meet itself - I was speaking at normal volume but my phone picked up a lot of the sounds in the arena and I didn't

A Little Late on the Fitness Tracker Phase (Weekly Wrap-Up May 7-13)

It is often said that an idea is stupid when it's first introduced. Automobiles? Stupid. ( Get a horse! ) DVR? Stupid. ( We have VCRs to do that for us! ) iPhones? Stupid. ( Flip phones are way cooler! ) Eventually those ideas are integrated into mainstream culture and people don't designate them any longer as "stupid." I was one of those people that thought fitness trackers were stupid. Why would you need all that information? Those things are for people who are obsessed with fitness - not me! You wear it at night? How obnoxious that must be! Then I started gaining weight. If you've been a longtime follower of the blog, then you know I have done a lot of running. That really helped me shed some pounds and inches in recent years. Unfortunately, I stopped running and ate more than I should have. Even though I continued walking and doing workouts, my calories consumed didn't even out with the calories I needed to burn. I noticed this especially

Light The Cauldron - A New Venture!

Notice anything a little different? For a few weeks now, ever since I started making the Olympic Blurb a more consistent item outside of the actual event, I have been thinking about rebranding my blog and dedicate it soley to the Olympic movement. While I have enjoyed discussing Star Wars and other items on this blog, I feel like those areas are well saturated with very talented writers, while a more casual, geeky take on the Olympic games doesn't have as much representation. Because of that, I have changed the name of the blog from Blurb Musings  to Light The Cauldron , because it sounds like the United States Olympic Committee has some issues if you use the word "Olympics" in your work. If you've been following me on my regular Twitter feed, know that I now have a dedicated Light The Cauldron account that will be focused on Olympic news, retweets, and commentary. You can find it @CauldronLight  (because @lightthecauldron was one character too long). Anyone