Amazing Athletes - TYR Pro Swim in Indy

Last week I posted a little vlog all about my adventures at the TYR Pro Swim Series meet on Friday, May 19. This week I am posting the second part of that vlog, covering events from Saturday, May 20!

I know it's impossible to communicate with fans every single Olympic sporting event that is taking place all over the United States, but I feel like there isn't enough marketing out there for some of the smaller events featuring Olympic athletes. If more people knew that major Olympic swimmers were in Indianapolis last weekend, I think the stands might have been more full.

National championships are always a big draw and get big crowds, but it took me a long time to realize that there are so many other smaller events that these athletes do over the season - events that don't get the publicity that they deserve!

Make sure to keep your ear to the ground and find out about events close to your area. If I hadn't been watching the first round of the TYR Pro Swim Series in Houston a couple of months back, I would never have known that it was going to be in Indianapolis. I'm glad I got lucky!

Tokyo 2020 Prep

Two of my favorite YouTube channels, The Tim Tracker and Krispy Smore, both went and visited Tokyo Disneyland a few weeks ago and are posting highlights on their channels now. It makes me really want to visit Tokyo Disneyland...but not during the Olympics. If there was ever a time when that park (and Tokyo Disney SEA) would be insanely busy, the Olympics would be the time.

Mini Blurbs
  • The week's BlurbWatch:
    • archery
    • fencing
    • badminton
    • baseball
    • swimming
    • track and field
  • I was able to watch snippets of the Thomas and Uber Cup tournament in Thailand this week. Basically it was on every morning when I woke up and in the afternoons when I returned home from work! I was able to see a judge reprimand a team for not setting up quickly enough, and the same judge hand out a yellow card to a team that was delaying the match by trying to "wipe up sweat" from the court. (They were tired and needed a delay, basically.) I didn't know yellow and red cards existed in badminton! And if a player gets a red card, they can lose points!
  • The swimming event I attended was aired on the Olympic Channel a few times this week, and it was cool seeing it from the broadcast side of things. Best of all, I could finally understand what the athletes were saying in their interviews!

  • The Prefontaine Classic is held every Memorial Day weekend, and it's part of the Diamond League, too. Here was my fantasy team this week:No automatic alt text available.

      • Sam Kendricks won the men's pole vault on Friday night, and when he was interviewed by Lewis Johnson he spent 2/3 of the interview talking about how great Armand Duplantis is for the sport of pole vault. (Duplantis is the Swedish vaulter who just recently graduated from high school and is already competing with the big boys in an amateur capacity. He was at the Prefontaine and did really well!) This tells me two things about Kendricks:
        • Duplantis is the real deal, and 
        • Kendricks is an awesome, humble dude. 
      • NBC's camera angles for the field events was terrible. How are we supposed to follow the athletes when we can barely see their entire run? Not to mention that they only show one field athlete at a time in those field events. They showed Will Claye's three jumps in the triple jump but didn't show Christian Taylor's winning jumps at all? How annoying - they never get any better. I need to get the NBC Sports Gold app just to be able to watch the field events in their entirety. 
      • Fortunately, there was a point where no running events were going on and we got five minutes of uninterrupted men's shot put competition. (If I had to choose a throwing event to watch, it would be shot put every single day.)
      • It's interesting to see which athletes still use their Olympic uniforms and which show off their fancy sponsored digs. 
      • I need to start picking Marie-Josee Ta Lou in those sprint events. The sprinter from the Ivory Coast just keeps winning and I keep not picking her!
      • In the bell lap of the women's 5000 meters, the cameras were showing the bell being rung as the runners passed it, and the rope fell off the bell! Usually you hear the bell for each lady that comes into their final lap - not this time. 

      Weekly Cauldron Check

      Is the cauldron lit????


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