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I was on vacation seeing my family last week, but Olympic news never sleeps! (No matter what mainstream media might tell you.) Blurb On!

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  • There wasn't a whole lot of women's pole vault yesterday at the Diamond League out of Birmingham, England, but it was a day when weather really played a factor. Three of the top pole vaulters in the world didn't even make a mark, while Katerina Stefanidi only made one mark in getting second place. It wasn't rain or storms; it was wind! Take a long pole and try to stand up at the top as a strong wind is blowing - I'm guessing you're not going to blow in the right direction!
  • Think that swimming is the only sport with races that finish by thousandths of a second? The Diamond League 100m race had Team USA's Christian Coleman beating Great Britain's Reece Prescod by that amount. Honestly, you could barely tell who won, and Prescod was in front where the camera was. But it wasn't a World Championship or Olympics, so did it really matter?
  • Last week was the European Championships, and Mondo Duplantis, who was born in America and competes for Sweden, ended up winning the competition and breaking the American record in pole vault, leaping over 6 meters for the first time. Yes, you heard me: he competes for Sweden, yet broke the American record. Definitely a hole in the rules.
  • Lilly King's biggest rival might be Yulia Efimova, but she's not the only one who is up for the challenge. Micah Sumrall actually won the 200m at Pan Pacs. King is known more for the 100m, but you know she's training hard to get that 200m win, as well. 
  • I'd be more excited for Sam Mikulak's dominating win in the gymnastics national championships yesterday if I wasn't convinced he's going to flop like he usually does in international competition. (He did look really, really good last night. As a matter of fact, here's his high bar routine that clinched it:)
  • In 2016 Kuwait was banned from the Olympics and athletes had to compete under the neutral flag. But every so often the governing bodies lift the ban so that they can compete. It's a little confusing, but apparently progress in eliminating their government interference means that the IOC can open and shut the door whenever they want? 
If you're reading this on Sunday, the women's gymnastics national championship is tonight. Make sure to watch!

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