Winter Is Coming

It stinks for some of us to think about it, and it's a delight for others. Regardless of which way you feel, winter is coming, and winter Olympic sports are reminding us of that fact this week.

While the first day of fall was a mere week ago, winter sports are starting up their long seasons with warm-up competitions and tuneups. Already we've had competitions in figure skating, bobsledding, and curling, and the NHL season starts this week.

Because the Winter Olympics were back in February, it seems crazy that the winter sports are already starting up their new seasons. But it just means that this year is flying by, and that these athletes spend a lot of time training and competing. It's not like high school where the season is just three months of the year.

Since we are in the beginning of the quadrennial for winter Olympic sports, the competitions are going to be just a bit lackluster. Maia and Alex Shibutani are actually taking the entire year off of competition, and I'm sure that would apply to many other winter athletes, as well!

It's too bad, because the US Figure Skating Championships are going to be in Detroit this year, and I'm probably going to go. It would be a bummer if many of the top skaters sat the season out.

This is a great time to follow social media for these winter sports - they can help you notice new talent and alert you to events that are taking place. Even though there aren't Olympics, there are still many World Championships to enjoy!

Remember: since these seasons are long, athletes probably aren't going to be at their yearly peak right away. I caught Yuzuru Hanyu's free skate from last week's Autumn Classic International, and his new routine is still a bit rusty. The more he does it, the better it will get!

Enjoy the autumn leaves and the cooling temperatures, because the sports of ice and snow are already upon us!

Tokyo 2020 Prep

The Tokyo Olympic volunteer sign-up opened up on Wednesday, and I started my registration! The process is lengthy, and I'm pretty sure I don't have the skills they want, but I'm going to give it a shot anyway. I think it would be super amazing to not only go to the Olympics, but participate in a special way!

Olympic Channel Video of the Week

The Olympic Channel is really pushing the Youth Olympics, which really don't interest me. But last week Sunday they put up a cool video about twins that compete in the Olympics:

Mini Blurbs

  • You might wonder why I'm not more excited for the Youth Olympics. I'm not really sure - maybe I should just watch it and see what it's about. They start on Saturday from Buenos Aires, Argentina and are every two years instead of four. If I watch anything next week, I will let you know! These are our future Olympic athletes, after all.
  • The IAAF changed the requirements for next year's entry into the World Championships. Instead of hitting a "standard" and qualifying that way, they are emphasizing important meets and placements in those meets. Apparently it's to prevent countries from submitting bogus standards (which has been done in the past), but it seems to have a negative affect on everyone else. Not everybody can get a Diamond League invitation!
  • The more I watch archery, the more I want to purchase the USA Archery jersey and wear it in Tokyo. Is that possible? 
  • Big congratulations to my friends at Olympic Fever who just celebrated their first anniversary! I think I'm going to have to buy a shirt since I'm kind of on their crew...
  • On Friday I got together with my faculty and played some games. One of the games was Trivia Crack, which is basically a modern version of Trivial Pursuit with multiple choice questions. I really liked how it was set up, too! There were a ton of Olympic questions, but three of them were out of date! 
    • Which fighting competition is not an Olympic sport? The answer was karate, but that's not true anymore.
    • How many Olympics has Michael Phelps competed in? The answer was four, but we all know that Rio made five.
    • Which sport is no longer in the Olympics? The answer was softball, but it's coming back!
    • If you need to make me sound like an Olympic nerd, just give me incorrect or out-of-date information. I kind of Hulk out.

Weekly Cauldron Check

Is the cauldron lit????


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