Practicing What I Preach - Find the Tournaments and GO

It is so common for us to turn on the television, watch a sport, and think, "Man, it would be really cool to be there."

Well, not all the time. If there's blistering heat or freezing cold, it might be more comfortable to watch on the couch than in the stadium. But be real: if an incredible event in sport took place, don't you want to say that you were there?

As a lover of the Olympics, it has become a goal of mine to not only watch more Olympic events outside of the two weeks of Winter and Summer Games, but also attend more stuff. And with not one, but two national championships coming to the great state of Michigan, I would be remiss if I didn't try to attend a session or two.

The first is the US Figure Skating Championships in January. Those are taking place at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit. Unlike this year's Stars On Ice show, this is a competition, so the athletes will be giving their all and trying hard stuff so they can go on to the world championships in Japan.

I decided to go for two events instead of trying to fit all four disciplines on my schedule. One priority is the men's program. What can I say? I love watching men turn quads. I got tickets in two different areas so that I can enjoy two different vantage points. I don't splurge on insane tickets prices - I go for the cheapest possible, but there were still great seats available and I think I did well!

The second national championship is actually in curling! I know how curling is played, but have never had an insane obsession with the sport. However, with the national championships being in Kalamzoo - about an hour away from me - how could I refuse?

I'm excited to see a day where there are multiple matches going on at the same time. I wasn't assigned a seat, so I'm sure that I will be able to walk around the arena and check out different competitions as they go along.

The reasons I am excited to attend are multiple, but one of the coolest things is coming together with fellow fans of the sport. They know what's going on! They know the rules, they know the athletes, and they know the ins and outs. I'm hoping to see a lot of sponsor stuff around the concourse - not that I have money to buy anything, but it will be fun to see.

Are there any competitions in your area in the next few months? The Team USA Twitter and each individual US sport social media is good about promoting upcoming events, so be sure to take a look. Remember - this is one of the ways to support the sport and athletes. While it's great to watch on NBC, sometimes it's even better to throw your own voice in the arena!

Olympic Channel Video of the Week

Now that the Youth Olympics are over, the YouTube channel is back to its normal stuff. One of its first videos was an awesome look at the amazing hype that Indonesia dedicates to its badminton athletes. It's a longer video, but I encourage everyone to at least watch the first thirty seconds to see the extremely awesome title sequence.

Tokyo 2020 Prep

Nothing here - just a bit of regret for the additional things I could have added to my Tokyo volunteer form that I can't add anymore. I guess I'll just have to wait until I get interviewed to add that I helped organize a bunch of track meets! (I mean, that's pretty important, right? Especially if I want to work at the track and field venue.)

Mini Blurbs

  • I will admit, the Youth Olympics were nice to put on while I was correcting papers and working in the classroom. There's a bunch of IOC sessions took place and were put on YouTube, and I'm going to try to take a look at those this week. Maybe I'll have something to talk about next blog!
  • Road cycling is hard, but off-road cycling is brutal. I watched a competition for a little bit yesterday and there was so much mud and muck and hills that basically the athletes biked for a while, and then had to get off their bikes and carry them up or down a steep portion! Wow. 
  • I caught some table tennis, too. I still don't know how in the world those high-level athletes can play so far from the table and be so precise. It's crazy!

Weekly Cauldron Check

Is the cauldron lit????


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