The Next Olympic Hopeful: A Live Blog

So remember last week when I said I wasn't going to have a blog this week because of Thanksgiving? Well, I ended up with a free Saturday evening on my way back home from Pennsylvania and remembered that The Next Olympic Hopeful was airing on NBCSN. Then I remembered how crazy busy my December is going to be and that I probably won't be putting out any articles that month, so I should probably put one out now.

And thus, my live blog of The Next Olympic Hopeful began. Enjoy!

If you want to view this as you read, you can catch it online at I'll put down times so you can easily track along with your viewing!
(PART 1 and PART 2)

:00 Aw, Opening Ceremony memories...

:01 I wish I was fit enough to put out an audition for this show. Instead I'm watching it. Bummer.

:02 I totally remember visiting that gym in Colorado Springs! Such a cool place - you all should go there. (It's free!)

:03 I will admit that I hate reality shows - mostly because of the editing that is supposed to create drama where there wasn't any. So remember that as I am blogging through this.

:04 I miss Colorado and those mountains...

:05 It's very clever for them to not be so specific about a sport as they start the audition process. They determine where you excel, and no one comes in with a focused mindset.

:06 Sprints! Nice to see a lot of diversity and gender equality.

:06 LaDarren Landrum - our first profile piece! I get why we are taken from the competition - to get backstories and get a bigger emotional connection - but it still feels like an interruption.

Commercials. I'm not used to commercials, guys. This stinks. This is why I have commercial-free Hulu and Netflix.

:13 Standing vertical test. Surprising to see how much speed and jumping factors into weightlifting. 23 1/2 inches? Wow!

:14 I'm a sucker for fancy shots - that overhead shot of the field was cool.

:14 Blech - endurance tests. It looks like they're four overall groups - men's grey and light grey, and women's red and blue.

:15 Excuse me Avinash Jawahir - endurance running is important for every sport. It's endurance testing.

:17 Kayla Caldwell - gymnast turned pole vaulter turned ??? Rugby maybe? That's my guess. Surprised to see she actually was in the Olympic Trials for pole vaulting in 2016!

:20 Sorry - I love this whole "sports transitioning" thing. I am also someone vehemently against kids playing one sport their whole lives. If you raise a child to be well-rounded in sports, then when things like this competition come up, they're prepared to do anything!

:24 Oh I love these kinds of "find the light" games!

:27 Look at how the fellow competitors cheer when they're not working! I hope the coaches and trainers noticed that. Being a solid teammate with good sportsmanship can be just as important as being a good athlete.

:33 Meals at the OTC? Is Sam Mikulak there? Do they live in the dorms right now?

:34 Have we seen Marissa Howell in action yet?

:35 CUTS. Oh no! The worst part of tryouts!

:36 Weights! I love weights! Interesting to hear them talk about kilograms on the weights - gotta keep it consistent with world weightlifting standards.

:43 Oh - chin-ups with weights? Count me out.

:44 Hey it's Michigan's own Claressa Shields - two-time Olympic gold medalist!

:47 So is this just an hour long? With all the commercials, it doesn't seem like nearly enough time to display these athletes. But I guess it isn't for the television audience. They just bring in the cameras to promote it.

:50 Fabian Griffin is from Victorville, California - where my grandfather did his army training in World War II!

:50 I really need to start doing some serious weightlifting again. I miss it.

:51 Some of them with this lifting technique are keeping their heads down - you can tell they're tired when they start lifting their torso to get the next rep.

:53 Sport-specific selection time. Ugh. That has to be incredibly stressful.

:54 I wish we'd gotten to meet more competitors - did we only meet the ones that they selected and no one else? That's pretty anticlimactic.

:56 Carlin Isles can boost my spirits any day.

:57 Oh good - there is more to this than just one episode! There's two episodes - and now we get to see them zero in on a sport!

And here's my live blog of Part II, which aired on Sunday!

:07 Aw, some get multiple sports? How cool! (I'd totally want to try rugby.)

:10 So did anyone not make the sport-specific lists at all? I'm sure they don't want to emphasize that, but there probably were some.

:16 Kayaking test! Can they balance or not? Power is great, but balance is key.

:19 Wow - Avinash is very talented! All four string instruments?! And dancing?!

:27 Bullying in school can result in several different things, and Sophia Mirabella uses it to motivate her training.

:42 Yes! Bobsled and skeleton! Look at all that muscle.

:44 If you thought we were done with athlete profiles at this stage, you were wrong: Rodriguez Russell has a dad and a brother in bobsled, and the coaches are impressed by his speed and push! I love that he pretended that the Wal-mart carts were bobsleds. I mean, who doesn't?

:46 Hey, it's Josh Williamson, who is now on the US bobsled team and did this whole competition last year!

:47 True words from LaDarren: "You know, in life, you win and you learn. You only lose if you quit."

:51 It's time! At this point I think we know who is getting picked, but for what?

:52 Oh look! They get a special jacket!

:52 Rodriguez Russell for bobsled!

:52 Stephanie Grant gets boxing? Ooh - we didn't know about her. So there are people that didn't get profiled that are winning.

:53 LaDarren gets the rowing?! How wonderful! He looks good in that jacket.

:53 Lindsay Mayo's choice for rugby was one of the biggest no-brainers.

:54 So many choices for weightlifting but Kayla Caldwell gets it over Marissa and Avinash.

:56 I hope to see Sophia, Marissa, and Avinash next time.

:57 These people are proud to participate for Team USA. That chant just brings a smile to my face every time. Different backgrounds, different cultures, different genders, but all united with a common goal.

:59 Epilogue: The eight Olympic hopefuls are all training. Kayla Caldwell participated in a weightlifting competition and placed ninth out of 129. I hope to see her in Tokyo! Meanwhile, Rodriguez Russell is "reassessing his pursuit of the sport." I hope that he figures out what he wants to do, whether it's in the Olympics or not. Do what you love, buddy.

I hope you enjoyed The Next Olympic Hopeful from Team USA! December's posts might be spotty because of my crazy schedule, but I'll try to get something out. I hope everyone has a happy holidays!

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