What's Next?

So I quit my job.

I mean, I am not currently jobless.

But once the fiscal year is done, I am out of a job.

So what's next?


Pros: I can work my own schedule. I can reach out to companies and individuals who share my interests and work with them on projects that help get their name out there. I can pick and choose what I want to do. I can work from home or travel. The world is my oyster!

Cons: Freelance is what the name implies: yes, I am free to choose, but there's also a chance I won't have any work. The pay that I get will be very low. I'm not even sure a good place to start!


Pros: I could use my insanely handy organizational skills for a variety of projects. That could include administrative or executive assistant or something else that's related. I definitely know that I'm good at it.

Cons: There is a lot of assistant skills that require a bit of education, including accounting and billing. Plus, most companies want a bit of experience, which I don't have in this field.

Education Administration?

Pros: I know education - I've been in it for eleven years, plus I have a degree in it. I understand rules and regulations.

Cons: Didn't I just quit to get out of education? Not really - I enjoy education, but felt a full-time classroom wasn't the best place for me. It would have to be a very specific administrative job in order to seriously consider it.


Pros: This is definitely my bread and butter, if you know me outside of the Olympics blogs I've put out. I majored in music, and have consistently kept with it in many different ways. If I could choose just one position to have the rest of my life, it would be to stay in music.

Cons: Unfortunately, music isn't a really reliable field, and the places where I work don't offer musicians full-time work. People think of it more as a hobby, or an additional duty that comes alongside the full-time teaching job. It's going to take time for that to change, and I'm pretty sure it won't be in the next couple of months.

The Olympics?

Pros: Well, I really love the Olympics. I love researching past Olympics, watching current Olympians, and traveling to Olympic venues or Olympic sporting events. I would love to be able to encourage average viewers to see the importance of the Olympics, and to be able to work as the Olympic Movement changes and evolves to adapt to the times.

Cons: Usually, people who are paid to cover the Olympics and Olympic sports are journalists or media specialists - not just superfans who are looking to make it a possible career.

Deliberating won't get me anywhere, so I have to start making some steps. Resumes are already on the way, and even though it might not result in any job offers, I'm still determined to investigate all channels!

Tokyo 2020 Update

This does mean that the prospect of me volunteering next summer is a bit in jeopardy. Hopefully the new job will allow some vacation time!

Olympic Channel Video of the Week

A very powerful video was put up this week of Ramla Ali, a Somalian refugee who hid her boxing training from her family because she felt like they would disown her if they knew. If you want to know more than the 6-minute summary, she was also featured on their podcast this week.

Mini Blurbs
  • The Figure Skating Junior World Championships were this week, and one of the standouts from the men's U.S. Championships - and pewter medalist - Tomoki Hiwatashi ended up taking the title! He was not in the lead after the short program, but he nailed his free skate. I saw that free skate in person, and I am not surprised that it propelled him to victory. 
  • I watched the 2-woman bobsled event final run last Sunday, and wondered why Elana Meyers Taylor's sled wasn't in the top sleds. Then I found out that she'd had a terrible crash in the third run that injured her and took her out of competition. Crashes can happen to anyone, anywhere. I'm sorry that it happened to her at the world championships, and hope her recovery is quick!
  • Speaking of injuries, Chloe Kim tweeted out a congratulations to her fellow snowboarders, and then revealed that she broke her ankle and needs surgery! It was the most upbeat injury tweet I've ever seen. 

Weekly Cauldron Check

Is the cauldron lit????


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