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Options for Watching the Olympics

During last week's episode of Olympic Fever , Alison and Jill discussed different ways to watch the Olympics from home. They then challenged the listeners to talk about how they choose to watch the Olympics. I'm going to break down some of the methods that people take while watching the Summer Olympics, which contains many more events and sports crammed into seventeen days. This makes watching all of them incredibly difficult and exhausting! After I lay down the options, I'll let you know which way I choose to watch the Olympics. One Sport and One Sport Only For some, the Olympics are less about a conglomeration of events and more about one additional event in a sporting season. Consider soccer/football, tennis, or golf: these sports have almost year-long seasons, and the Olympics are just another event that's listed on the schedule. (Although I think most of those athletes would hesitate to call it "just another event.") Fans of singular events migh

Training for the Olympic Atmosphere

This weekend, I did something not Olympics related. (But it has an Olympic connection - stay with me!) I attended Star Wars Celebration, a mega convention celebrating all things Star Wars, in Chicago. If you've read my Blurbs for a few years, you know that I published Star Wars Saturday articles in anticipation of The Force Awakens  and The Last Jedi, ran a Star Wars Half-Marathon, and participated in a Star Wars seven movie marathon! It definitely was a no brainer to attend when I realized that the next Star Wars Celebration was only going to be a couple of hours away (and that it wasn't on Easter weekend!). Since I would still be teaching, I made it easier on myself by only buying passes for Friday and Sunday, giving me Saturday as a rest/recharge day. (Sorely needed, BTW. I'm typing this on Saturday and am so glad I have this day free.) I felt like this was a good chance for me to experience high crowds in a large city while attending an event that we all enjoy.