A Year to Go!

I'll be honest...it almost seems like the Olympics took place this past week.


The FINA Aquatic World Championships took place, which included diving, synchronized swimming, water polo, and swimming.

The USA Track and Field Championships took place.

There were major events nationally and internationally in gymnastics and archery.

Go south of the Equator, and the Pan American Championships got underway!

The heat of summer brings on the high points of Olympic sports.

Some people in the United States complain around this time of the year because football hasn't started and baseball hasn't reached playoff fever yet. But we Olympic fans know that this is the best time of the year!

Regardless, the actual Olympics are less than one year away, and everyone is starting to notice that fact.

CoSport is randomly dropping tickets whenever they feel like it, and thanks to a site tracker that was recommended to me by a few people, I secured a few more sports! The biggest highlight of my purchase is archery. Not only am I watching some of the best men in archery, I'm watching a medal round, and happened to get the same event as one of my Olympic Fever friends, Jill!

This brings my roundup of events to "five" (I put it in quotation marks because athletics encompasses a multitude of sports.): handball, archery, weightlifting, hockey, and athletics. Honestly, do I need to purchase any more events? Not only do I have five sessions with my favorite event of all time, but I am also going to be in the Olympic Stadium! You know, where the flame is! #LightTheCauldron

I might have to limit myself and say I will only purchase more tickets if I can get the following: Olympics Opening Ceremony, gymnastics, swimming, and badminton. (Cheap badminton. I ain't spending $150 for badminton, no matter how popular it is.) I also need to make sure I don't buy tickets for days where I already have stuff. I accidentally double-booked weightlifting and archery, but luckily they aren't at the same time, and about 30 minutes away from each other by public transportation!

The Facebook Olympic group I am in has talked about ticket price gouging and hotel inflation. It's very true; whenever I look at booking something, the prices are insane. Ken Hascom says that a few months out, the prices have been known to drop dramatically at Olympic hosting cities. But am I willing to wait it out? (No. No I am not. But I am willing to book something with a good cancellation policy.)

On Wednesday I had a staff meeting and was able to tell my coworkers that in ONE YEAR I will be going to the Olympics! Fortunately there wasn't any raised eyebrows over the fact that I will be leaving for 2-3 weeks; it was all congratulations and envy! So that was a good sign.

Excitement is brewing and I have a lot to do! I also have a lot of credit cards to pay. But think about that: I might be able to pay off my tickets before I even go! I just have to live off of ramen and not leave Michigan for the next twelve months! (Kidding!)

Weekly Cauldron Check

Is the cauldron lit????

...No. But it will be in less than a year!

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