Tokyo and its Heat Problem

Let's be hypothetical here. You have your flights booked to Tokyo. You managed to find an AirBNB. You've even managed to get tickets for several Olympic events - some of which are high-profile events!

What is the next obstacle? Food? Not really. Transportation in the world? It has one of the most reliable mass transit systems in the world. Security? Remember: if someone says they have a high level of security, they usually compare it to the Olympics.

The biggest obstacle is the heat.

The average high temperature in August in Tokyo is 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

And it is accompanied by an average of 80% humidity.

Do you see what I'm getting at?

During the first week of August this year, 57 Japanese people died from the heat and over 18,000 were hospitalized from it. When the Olympics were last held in Tokyo, they were actually in October - technically, that doesn't count as summer for any part of the world! But it meant better temperatures for everyone. This time around, we aren't so lucky.

While Tokyo 2020 organizers have taken steps to ensure that the heat won't hurt spectators, athletes, judges, and volunteers, the biggest solution is being ignored.

The solution? Free water. No, not misters. Water. For free. No requirements. Someone wants water? They get it? Does it have to be freezing cold? No. It just has to be water.

This information is coming from a Disney nerd. In Walt Disney World, every location that serves drinks must give people cups of water if they ask for it. It's honestly the only way I could have toured the resort with my parents back in June of 2016.

Most countries outside of the United States find the idea of free water to be surprising. Water is a luxury. Water is something that must be paid for. Water can't just be handed out!

If the IOC and the Tokyo 2020 Planning Committee want to avoid black marks, they really need to look into bringing in purified water that isn't stored up in vending machines (no matter how plentiful vending machines are in Japan). People who may be in desperate need for water might be stubborn and refuse to buy it. It just needs to be there.

Yes, misting machines, airflow architecture, and shade will be nice, but none of those things provide water intake.

Give people water. Water gives life. Water doesn't stain. Water isn't sticky. Water won't mess your decorations. Waterwaterwaterwaterwater.

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