Time for Mini Blurbs!

So much has happened over the last few weeks that it would be crazy to cover all of them in separate articles. So instead, it's time to resurrect the famous Mini Blurbs!

  • Well, Simone Biles is incredible. I really can't add more to that, right? Everyone's written about her, so I won't try to include new items. I will say that it's disappointing that the FIG didn't give her named elements more credit because of the insane difficulty to them. They say it was because they didn't want girls trying them who weren't prepared. But if girls are properly coached, then that shouldn't be a problem! And if they aren't properly coached, who's really the responsible party? Biles? Nope.
  • A slew of countries qualified for the Olympics thanks to their positions in the team competition at Worlds. No big surprises except for the ladies team from Brazil, who didn't qualify. However, they can have individual apparatus qualifiers!
  • The men's team from Russia took the gold for the first time since they were called "Russia" again, and Nikita Nagornyy won the individual all-around in a landslide. And remember - his teammate Artur Dalaloyan won last year (and got second this year). If Japan doesn't pull itself together, Russia is going to steal a lot of golds from them in Tokyo.
  • The ISL had its second meet in Naples, Italy last weekend, and Caeleb Dressel joined his team - the Cali Condors - and became the MVP of the meet. But the Energy Standard - even with their terrible name - pulled out another win. The same four teams competed in Naples that were in Indianapolis, but this weekend in Dallas featured the other four teams: New York Breakers, London Roar, LA Current, and...Iron. It seems like there's usually a top two and bottom two each time just because of how the meet is set up, because after Day 1, the Roar and Current were in the lead, and Iron and Breakers were a bit more behind. 
  • Skate America took place Friday and Saturday in Las Vegas, and while Bradie Tennell led after the short program, Anna Shcherbakova of Russia accopmlished two quad lutzes in her free skate to win. It's the first quads landed in international competition by a senior woman ever! Have fun, world: the men are expected to do a quad. The women are breaking ground doing quads! Oh - and Shcherbakova had a costume change in the middle of her program. I mean. Wow.
  • Nathan Chen, Madison Hubbell and Zach Donohue all took gold in their respective events in Vegas, while Jason Brown took silver and Haven Denney and Brandon Frazier won bronze in pairs. Did you know their free skate was originally done in 2014? 
  • Eliud Kipchoge did an amazing feat last week: running 26.2 miles in under two hours. This didn't qualify as an official marathon record because it was a special event with about twenty different pacers and no other competition. Some people think it doesn't count for anything because of all the special accommodations taken to make sure Kipchoge accomplished the feat. But really, I don't think that's what it was about. I think it was just showing people that it could be done. Now others have to step up!
  • The world record was broken in the Chicago marathon by Kenya's Brigid Kosgei, who finally broke Paula Radcliffe's record from 2003. It wasn't even close - it was within the first five miles when she broke from the pack with her pace setters and set off for victory. 
  • I'm really going to have to do a blog post about pace setters and my thoughts on them. I'll just keep it at that for now. Maybe once we get into track season again...
  • Did you hear that the IOC is suggesting that the Olympic marathons and race walking events take place in Sapporo instead of Tokyo? Just an FYI, Sapporo is not at all close to Tokyo, but it is supposed to be a lot cooler up there. I think it's a shame to move it this close to the Olympics, because think of how much preparation has been taking place in Tokyo to get ready on the roads! But I also think it might be fun to travel up to Sapporo for the final Olympic weekend...
  • CoSport did another ticket dump a few weeks ago, and I only picked up one more ticket. The previous weekend I'd gotten a notification from CoSport that they were giving me some money back - and I think they are going to be lumping all my tickets together in one shipment instead of three or four. So I used the money I got back and bought a ticket for the preliminary round of women's basketball! It was kind of a bummer - I queued up early, but when I would click on something that was available, it said it wasn't, but it would still appear as available! Most of the stuff was items I already had, like handball and weightlifting. I still would love to see 3x3 basketball, but have already determined that swimming and gymnastics are going to be impossible! 

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