Tokyo National Stadium Completed!

Within the last few weeks, the biggest news out of Tokyo has been the completion of the National Stadium. Yesterday, the stadium held its first ever public event: a type of dedication that featured athletes from all over the world (including Jamaica's Usain Bolt!) and gave ticket goers a chance to see everything in the stadium for themselves.

Even though the Olympics are still seven months away, the stadium was packed. So if viewers like you and me were to check out how things looked, we got a chance to see the stadium in its full glory.

Here, there's even a short video all about it:

I know fully well that trying to keep my stadium reveal "spoiler free" until August would be next to impossible, so I have no problem watching stuff like this. If anything, it gets me even more excited to be able to witness this venue in person!

While the stadium might be complete, there is still a lot of Tokyo that is under construction. With all the other Japanese content creators that I follow, I'm able to see that there's still a long way to go.

Yet, at the same time, there is not a long way to go. The medal designs have been revealed, the torch relay is less than 100 days away, and every week there is a new group of athletes who have qualified for the Olympics!

Oh, and did you realize that the year 2020 is less than two weeks away?

The Tokyo 2020 Hype Train is a-rolling in, and I highly doubt it's going to let up until August 10!

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