Little-Known Olympics Videos

Everyone watches the 4x100 meter freestyle swimming relay race from the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Everyone watches the Miracle on Ice from Lake Placid 1980.

Everyone doesn't watch the handball final from Munich 1972.

This week I have been very busy with my day job, so haven't had a whole lot of time for other things. However, I have made it a point to go onto YouTube and search some not-so-well-known videos from Olympics of the past. And boy, YouTube sure has a lot of those!

Here are some of my favorites:

The Official Film of the 1956 Melbourne Olympics

Basically this official video treats all sporting events that aren't track and field like utter garbage.'s like I made the video! Well, it's like I pushed every other event out of the way, forcing them to tiny montages instead of large profiles. I would not have written a script with such sexist comments! Here's a paraphrase: "Look at these lovely ladies doing some shopping, to make themselves look pretty!" I'm not even joking. Watch the first 30 minutes and tell me I'm wrong!

Men's 4x400m Relay from Sydney 2000

Sydney 2000 was one of those Olympics that I knew was happening but didn't watch. So I missed this opportunity for the world to celebrate Michael Johnson as he won another gold medal and likely ended his Olympic career.

Women's 100m Final from Barcelona 1992

I remember absolutely nothing from the 1992 Olympics, so I made it a mission to watch even more of those. One of them was Gail Devers taking gold in the women's 100m final. She became an even bigger presence in 1996 but took on a tough field in Spain!

Men's 8 Rowing Final from Seoul 1988

Oh, look! Rowing! Let's watch it because...why not? I adore watching rowing in person - it's definitely not a sport that I would want to watch in person. (Though I have a feeling I have contradicted myself in the past...really thinking about it, I think I'd be bored to tears for most of it unless I had a bike.)

Women's Bobsled from Vancouver 2010

Did you know that the official Vancouver Olympic YouTube page has posted dozens and dozens of full replays of events from 2010? Yeah, me neither. No commentary for the video above, but it's the official OBS cameras and captions. Don't mind me - I'm just going to be watching these for the rest of the self-imposed quarantine. (name: olympicvancouver2010)

Men's Decathlon from Moscow 1980

I am looking forward to diving into these USA-boycotted Olympics sometime in the future, but for now, I'm going to start with this replay of the men's decathlon. This view is of the gold medalist, Great Britain's Daley Thompson, doing all his events.

Do you have more little-known Olympics videos that you'd like to share! Let me know!

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