Postponement: Who wins?

Nobody wins. Everybody loses.

Just a couple of hours ago, it was officially announced that the Olympics would be postponed "beyond 2020 but not later than summer 2021." This comes after a few days of heated pressure by countries' Olympic committees and official sporting bodies to have the IOC change the date of the Games.

It was never going to be a win. This virus that has shut down most of the world means that everybody loses.

Athletes who want to train? They lost.

Coaches and officials? They lost.

Spectators who planned their trips (like me)? They lost.

People who looked to profit from the tourism boom? They lost.

Organizing officials? They lost.

Nobody wins. Everybody loses.

It is immensely frustrating to see this all take place, but it could be worse. The word cancellation came up so frequently that I had to stop reading social media again. Athletes and content creators make click-bait videos or articles with big words on their feeds: "CANCEL THE OLYMPICS?" Ugh. It is so obnoxious, and really only meant to get people to click. I'm not going to follow that. Actually, I'm going to unfollow. State the facts: postponement is going to happen; cancellation is not.

For me, I am relieved that the official word was postponement. It is not as finite a word as cancellation. So many things have been cancelled - even big sporting events like the NCAA's March Madness - that it creates this giant void. Those poor athletes in their final year of eligibility will never get that chance again. It was so cruelly taken away from them - not by bureaucracy, but by the virus.

Nobody wins. Everybody loses.

For me? Yeah, I lose in this scenario. I will try my hardest to get my plans to work in 2021. But I can't do anything about it till the IOC picks a new date, CoSport tells me the plans for tickets (will they refund or just carry over), and the airports and hotels inform me of refund policies.

There is a slight win: I will have another year to save up money. If I can get a reasonable amount of refunds, then maybe I can upgrade in some areas that I wasn't going to in July.

But still. I have been planning this trip for four years, and now it's going to be even longer.

Nobody wins. Everybody loses.

A couple of weeks ago, the Olympic flame was lit up in Greece. That also happened to be the day when the United States decided to cancel everything - schools, sports, conventions - for the next few months. The flame was a nice positive in a world of negatives.

But then the Greece portion of the flame relay got cancelled. And the handover ceremony got cancelled.

Nobody wins. Everybody loses.


Another portion of the IOC statement said that the flame will stay in Japan. It will not be doused. (Even though the public relays were cancelled, the flame continued to be lit.) Suddenly the motto of the Olympic flame for 2020 becomes even more prominent:

Hope Lights Our Way.

Yes - nobody wins and everybody loses. But in the darkness of this time, that little flame staying lit is going to be the one little thing that guides us to the end of all this.

If we were winning all the time, there would be no reason for hope.

When it comes to the current state of the world, we need hope more than ever.

Postponing the Olympics is fine. Keeping the flame continues that hope.

It will light the way of us losers. It will allow us to learn and grow from this.

And man, when that flame gets finally put into that cauldron...

Everybody wins.

Gonna take a break from writing, guys. Thanks.


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