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What Is It? A Light the Cauldron Halloween Special

 I don't really understand the Izzy hate.  For those not aware, Izzy was the mascot of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. The organizers wanted to refrain from creating a mascot that was too reminiscent of other mascots in America. They wanted to make something unique.  And boy, did they! Critics and fans were not fans of this mascot from its reveal at the end of the Barcelona 1992 Games all the way till the cauldron was extinguished in Atlanta.  But you know who Izzy was made for? Kids! I was one of those kids in 1996, and I was raised on Animaniacs - another set of cartoon characters that weren't meant to represent any sort of animal (though many people on the show called them dogs - they weren't). Cartoons were kooky, animation styles were all over the map, and Izzy just represented another one of those animation styles. And this  one played sports! While the image above was the image broadcasted to the world the most, Izzy also was drawn (as all mascots of this