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Imaginary Vacations...or Pre-Planning the Next Real Vacation

I've gotten to that point in time where I am planning imaginary trips. Or maybe I am taking notes for actual future trips! I am watching tons of train vlogs.  I am going onto airline, ferry, and train websites.  I am seeing different restaurants, museums, and hotels, and putting a pin into Google Maps. (I have little pins all over the world - it's pretty fun!)  And slowly, ever so slowly, I am resigning myself to the fact that an overseas trip might not even happen this year, in 2021.  I hate thinking that. I haven't been overseas since my amazing 3-week Europe trip in 2017, and I felt like three years was the perfect amount of time to pay off credit cards, start pre-planning, save up some money, and then do the wonderful work of planning a trip.  Now I know the truth: Travel. Every. Year. It doesn't have to be a long way away from home, but it needs to be an area I've never been before. I'm year abroad, one year in North America, repeat.  Because