Imaginary Vacations...or Pre-Planning the Next Real Vacation

I've gotten to that point in time where I am planning imaginary trips. Or maybe I am taking notes for actual future trips!

I am watching tons of train vlogs. 

I am going onto airline, ferry, and train websites. 

I am seeing different restaurants, museums, and hotels, and putting a pin into Google Maps. (I have little pins all over the world - it's pretty fun!) 

And slowly, ever so slowly, I am resigning myself to the fact that an overseas trip might not even happen this year, in 2021. 

I hate thinking that. I haven't been overseas since my amazing 3-week Europe trip in 2017, and I felt like three years was the perfect amount of time to pay off credit cards, start pre-planning, save up some money, and then do the wonderful work of planning a trip. 

Now I know the truth: Travel. Every. Year.

It doesn't have to be a long way away from home, but it needs to be an area I've never been before. I'm year abroad, one year in North America, repeat. 

Because as someone who loves travel, I regret the lack of travel I did before this pandemic hit. 

And maybe I am disappointed that I took so many Disney trips...

Well, I don't regret all the Disney trips. 10 years ago, I was just making up for lost time. And lately I've been able to travel there with family members. Those trips I don't regret. 

And I definitely don't regret the 2-day trip I did back in January of 2020, merely to see one new attraction. That attraction - Rise of the Resistance - ended up becoming the Best Attraction I've Ever Experienced, and who would have known that two months later no one would be able to experience it?

But maybe if I'd done fewer solo Disney trips I would have been able to get out of the country even more in my 20s. 

But now I need to stop looking behind and look ahead to what I can plan for the future. Keeping in mind, of course, that the future is always changing. Who knows when another world-altering event will take place? 

First thing's first: I am going to Japan. I've done too much planning already to just skip the trip. Even if it doesn't happen till this fall or next spring, I'm getting over there.

Then I'd like to travel the eastern side of Canada. Start in Toronto, then hit Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal, and Halifax. Do some of it via the VIA Canada trains. 

After that, probably the Olympics in Paris. I have never had France on my list of must-visit countries, but I could definitely visit and then just be there for the sporting events...especially since I won't be able to this summer. Then I'd probably take the train and go to countries in Europe I actually want to see, like Switzerland and Austria. Maybe I'll even start up in Scotland and work my way down, visiting a few sites in the Motherland before the Olympics begin.

Then perhaps I hit up the West Coast of the United States. Start in Seattle and work my way down to San Diego. 

The following year would be a big year: Greece! This is the Fatherland; my last name is distinctly Greek, so it would be wonderful to go to where my family is from. Apparently there are still Natsises in the country - my aunt and uncle have been able to visit the village, and I think that would be amazing to see and experience. Plus it would be great to see ancient sites and not just view them from the British Museum. 

All of this is never set in stone. So many things need to factor into plans like this (job, family, health, finances, etc.), and blue sky vacations need to remember that they are just blue sky: the most ideal situations. 

But it's still fun to imagine.


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